Soft background web-pages



Softly etched backgrounds

Though I made all of these web-page backgrounds in Photoshop’s “Filter Gallery”, found in the “Filter” menu, this particular effect uses The “Note-Paper” filter.  The only other thing I did do was to check the “colorize” box in The Hue and saturation dialog box, and colorize some of them to taste. 

These kind of files weigh in at anywhere from 179 k., to 867K., depending upon how complex they are in the first place.  Generally though, these will load up rather fast…  There are lots of Jaggies to contend with, so some are blurred ever so slightly, which helps in turn, to further reduce their size.




Speed demons

Flat, slightly blurred types like the one above weigh in at less than 70 k.  My page, which everyone says uploads so fast, weighs in at a hefty 379k!  Yes that includes the header, but look at the great head-start you get with these flat, yet brilliantly unremarkable enough that the eye pays no attention to it, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve!



The Royal Treatment

Files types like the one above (There are only a couple of them), can be a whole meg or more. File like the above one goes good with a technical type interface.  And because I have the PSD files, I can interchange them.



The Full Monty!

This thing weighed in at a hefty 2 megs…  I suppose I could trim it down some.  Yet then see, you sacrifice the quality…  I sincerely wish that some of you will find these useful; if not now, sometime…  See, this is what I mean by buying the entire package, so you can mix and match, come up with your own creations!  I know a lot of you don’t have time to do all this stuff, so I’m just trying to lend a hand, that’s all.  Look through the gallery carefully.  You just may find something you like.




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