Marcus Lasivious Crassus

My friend Marcus went to the bank, to take out a little money for shopping, and suddenly there was this big wad of money he saw laying only about two feet from him, on the bank floor…  So slyly and ever so carefully, his eyes darted back and forth, searching the bank to make sure nobody was watching.  Then he ever so gently placed his foot over the money, and slid the cash in toward him.  Heart pounding now, he wondered how he was going to pick it up without looking obvious.  He must’ve remembered a movie or something because a flash did occur to him; a true filibuster of a brain-storm!  He bend down as if to retie his shoe, picked up the money, put it in his pocket, and pulled out a comb, and combed his hair back…  Pretty slick huh?  He didn’t know how much money was there, but he knew it was a lot! 

His heart rate had sufficiently slowed. So  by the time he’d reached a Teller, he knew, if he was going to be caught, he would have been spotted by now.  His girl-friend was waiting outside.  So he rushed out to her and said: Just walk with me like everything’s normal…  I just found a big wad of money at the bank!”  he said.   So they quickly found an alcove, and counted their loot!  He had grabbed $260 off that bank floor!  Well they were ecstatic, trotting along, arm in arm, discussing how they’re going to divide up the cash.  They went home and continued to smile with glee, over their new found, small fortune!  Then, some two hours later, Marcus gets a phone call from his boss, asking him if he remembered about the $260 he owes him? 

Marcus suddenly turned white, and a shiver went up his spine!  The money he had found at the bank was his own!  LOL!  It had fallen from his pocket, and that’s why he noticed it on the floor…  Oh well…  I guess it comes with age…  You forget stuff.  No harm done though.  I just thought it kind of silly, that he went through all of that, over his own money…  Fortunately for him, that The Bank Manager didn’t nab him, or he would have been forking over his own cash!  All’s well that ends well…



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