The Barrie Learning Center

They don’t serve hamburgers there

I wanna tell you something impotent here, so play attention!  LOL!  Going back to school, when I was 32 didn’t make me feel like a convict.  There were some younger ones that would get the wrong impression about me, because I was always horsing around, and friendly with everyone.  I guess it just made a few of them want to up-chuck their hamburgers; else-wise I was quite popular there, as I always seem to be, in a crowd.  They always pick me as their leader, for some silly, stupid reason I’ve yet to completely understand.

I know part of my popular, up on a pedestal is my extremely high I.Q., my dynamic presence and appearance, my wonderful sense of humor, my friendly, welcoming nature, my sense of adventure, my strong self esteem, immense bravery, and extremely high voice, and many passions.  Other than that humble list, I just can’t think of why anyone would pay the least bit of attention toward me at all…

I do know what makes us happy

Well, all the attention I got there was a factor for sure.  I think it runs deeper than that though.  A bunch of adults, all putting their minds together, (Not for learning, but for horsing around and making math jokes: “Pi r not squared!  Pi r round…”). I think it was all the warm interaction between teachers and students alike.  Boy!  Things have changed since I was a kid!  Then, I always got into trouble and got The Strap…  Oooo!  “Bad boy, bad boy!  Whatchya gonna do?  Bad boy, bad boy!”’

Yet, in 1992, they just treat everyone like a genius, and we act the part.  It’s really fun!  LOL!  We all enjoyed the inter-action with one another, plain and simple.  This world does not promote that ideal.  Instead we are isolated without money and penalized if we have it!  I see an unjust, mistrusting world, because we are taught to be isolated, mind our own business all the time, and stop bothering people! LOL! 

See?  Backwards!  My self made law: “Everything is backwards”, plays out here.  We build bee hives to live in, when we should all be inter-acting; we are primates, and meant to function in groups!  This socialist: “What’s he/she want out of me?” is a bunch of paranoid CRAP, and nothing more; so sayith the raven, ever-more…  What makes us happy?  Human interaction, friends, our soul mates!  And what does the world so backwardly do?  Isolate us from one-another!

I had to go back

Well, I had to go back…  I come from a poor back-ground, within a poor neighborhood, and things were tough for any family, so I had to leave school right after grade 10, to go to work and bring some income into our home, for little things, like: food and clothing…  I just miss all the love and warmth we all shared, and it was kind of like when Leonardo Dicaprio went to: “The Beach” for me.  You know?

Our math teacher, believe it or not, was one of our most fave teachers there!  He knew we were all afraid of math, so he consoled us all right away, and showed us a few math tricks…  WE all applauded!  We were hoping for card tricks, but he eased our tension and showed us how math can be fun and really be applied to the practical world in which we al dwell; on too temporary a term, which is why the busy never rest.  He told us we should be drinking eight glasses of water a day, every day.  And the next day, we all came in with water bottles and that suck throughout the entire year…  Hmmm…  Must be a Catholic thing, there’s so many of you…

A word to the wise

Everything indeed is “backwards”, so do the unexpected; talk to people.  Make plans!  And choose your friends wisely.  Look for people who come up with ideas for things to do…  I dunno…  Go play BINGO!  LOL!  Don’t pick boring jobs.  Look for a career!  Get actual credentials…  What teaching should ultimately impart to you, is a love for learning.  Get that, and you’ll never be bored again!  Trust me on this one; your natural curiosity will drive you not just to enjoy doing one thing, but many, there-by achieving your independence from relying upon others to help you occupy your time.  Don’t worry.  They’ll come looking for you sooner or later.  You won’t lose them. 

Then pick a job when people must collaborate to achieve new findings for this world.  Find something you “LOVE” to explore, I implore you!  There’s nothing worse than going through a boring job all day (usually slave labor) and then to come home and watch TV.  And that’s your life?  The money end of it isn’t quite as attractive as you might imagine.  You still have to save for things.  Build a life; something that will leave your mark in the world!

Make some kind of change in the world to let people know you were here, and you are somebody, and not a ghost!  Look, if it means going to the park to play chess, do it!  You may not get rich, yet you will be happy; something valued higher than any wage or salary.  It’s something to think on.  Going back to finish my high-school was one of the smartest things I ever did; it showed me I’m not alone.  It lead out of the darkness and into the light.  In fact, some say God’s first creation was wisdom (meaning Christ). 

“She (wisdom) stands strong on seven pillars, and waits for us, at the city gates!”.  And it is learning (researching the unknown), that brakes us from our chains.  Who’d have guessed it?  I always thought thinking hurts!  LOL! And to think I learned all this, because I got up the gumption to do something about my education, and attended at The Barrie Learning Center; it’s a place I highly recommend, if it’s still there.  Cheers!



6 thoughts on “The Barrie Learning Center

    • It’s pronounced: “Collogue”. LOL! I didn’t know you went to college Melissa. How interesting! I’d like to discuss this when we get the chance. You must have some stories to tell! I always new you have smarts though… Lots and lots of smarts…

    • Is this a test? LOL! I think everyone on earth should donate $10 a month, to help the hungry get food every day, and see to it that it really gets to them; half of that should go toward educating them about planting and irrigation systems etc..

      • So what part does the collaboration take? Is it a collaboration between you and everyone on earth? Do you start small and grow toward the goal of everyone on earth becoming part of the collaboration? $10 a month sounds affordable. Could it be as simple as spending that much money on making sandwiches, and/or a pot of warm nourishing soup, and walking around to each homeless person and offering them a meal with company? Oops – make that $5. How does the other $5 help to teach about gardening?

  1. If everyone on earth that has a dollar, just gave you $1… Wouldn’t you be a billionaire? Some of these people live in deserts or near polluted drinking sources. They need to learn how to get water to them from great distances. Drinking water would have to be filtered, or the polluting source removed. That all costs money. This in turn, would considerably reduce disease through-out the world.

    It wouldn’t hurt either, if everybody switched to electric vehicles or scooters. You can get a little scooter for less than $1200. They take you 50 miles per charge, go up to 70 kms. per hour, don’t need gas, and provide approx. 200,000 kms. of travel. Not bad for just over a grand! They out-number cars in China. Hello!

    Why aren’t large airlines looking into bio-fuel?

    Why are special, anti-aging vitamins and anti-wrinkle creams etc.. only for the rich? In fact, I thought we’d all be living like The Jetson’s by now; you know, buildings in the stratosphere, flying cars. Yet our Laundry mats still look like it’s 1956. I think we can do better…

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