A Heavenly Concept


My new belief system

I wanted to find you an Artistic concept of God.  The best I could do however, is of his son, and I had to go on Wikipedia to get that…  I guess we’re not aloud to conceptualize God or The Catholic Church will take away your green card, or do something horrible and disgusting to your garden Gnome!  On the other hand: “It’s OK to have your own ideas about God, just as long as your ideas aren’t bigger than He is!”  I like the picture too BTW!  I always thought Christ would have had olive skin and dark hair, considering the climate of his birth place…

So what do I believe and why?

I believe God is an alien who wants to hire us to help Him take care of other worlds.  Just look at the picture logically; A star wanders through the sky and stops right over when Christ was born and hovers there.  Stars don’t usually change their course and suddenly stop someplace.  It just isn’t done in Astronomical terms.  Then He gives us a book of instructions on how to conduct and behave ourselves; just like someone would do, if they were grooming you to be a political ambassador for other races on other worlds… 

Mary didn’t get pregnant by conventional means!” explained her Husband Joseph.  And so God struck him mute so he couldn’t speak for a while!  Why?  Laryngitis?  LOL! It was because Joseph was revealing more than God wanted the public to hear about it…  All hush hush and secret like.  Sounds a lot like area 51 to me!

And it all makes sense because man-kind has this fascination with probing space and are developing more and more efficient rocket fuels, and someday, we’ll build a monstrously large ship, to hold all that fuel and photo-voltaic cells to collect star energy as power to keep us moving along at a fair clip with the least fuel expenditure.  Oh we’ll get there eventually….  Never the less, I feel like I’m being groomed by: The Bible (Our Bosses set of instructions and examples).  And another thing.  Why would The Catholic Library be holding 50 miles worth of books, if there wasn’t something they aren’t telling us?  I’m not sure, but I think you can gain access to that now!  It just seems to fit, that’s all.

A Heavenly concept

Notice, I do not deny that God exists; in fact it instills a more solid idea of intelligence in the universe, and a more practical explanation of God for me.  It even goes so far as to confirm the existence of a spiritual world, what with all the different kinds of stuff floating around out there that’s weird and spiritual enough for me.  Dark matter for instance.  It’s everywhere, and more abundant than matter in the universe.  I can NOT see it, or touch it, or hear it, or smell it, or taste it.  Yet I know without a doubt that it’s here!  The spiritual world: Good/Evil, and all their working forces are very real and most apparent to us all every day now.  That means our new beginning is on its way.  MAKE WAY FOR THE FUTURE…  BEHOLD!

I’ve tried other belief systems, and they can’t explain everything.  God may be a spiritual being, yet if He will live among us, He’ll have to be touchable, like Christ was.  Anyway, it’s Friday The 13th. and I don’t want to be cursed, so I thought I’d put up something untouchable by Darth Vader and his demon cohorts…  Remember your blessings; Oh how fortunate we are.  God does not go back on His word.  He promised us paradise, and we shall have it!  Right after Armageddon.  LOL!  Well, He has to clean out the trash first.  He needs a very select group of us for His mission: to teach us how to direct other races on other planets.  And to boldly go where no man/chimpanzee has gone before!  May The Farce be with you…

A God Concept_1779

And so dear friends

I’ll leave you with a real picture of God I found, using a different search engine.  The conception was painted in 1779.  Here, He looks like a pretty good guy.  I’ll bet He wouldn’t mind to sit around and have a few drafts with the boys now and again…  And oh look!  He has a pet pigeon, and a sun lamp!  The Bible does say that God’s tent will be with us, and He will reside among men.  I can’t wait to see his pad Man!  Remember your blessings!  Do one good thing for someone else each day, and you will be happy!


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    • Thank you Margo,, for the sweet comment! Everyone stumbles upon me by accident. I guess you could say, I’m an accident waiting to happen… And thanks for book-marking me! Hope to see you again, soon as I drum something up. I hope you took the “Comments” RSS feed as well. That way, you’ll know when I answer your comments… Like now :O)

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