Lousy, Two-Legged, Corporate Cockroaches!


There comes a time

There used to be a time when people all knew one-another and closed out deals by a hand shake.  They would sometimes form inseparable bonds for life!  I sometimes wonder about those days, when men still had their dignity and were trusted by their word…  Not anymore!  Now you’re just a statistic on somebodies plot chart.  No feelings are involved here; only money; how to keep getting more of it, no matter the cost to : “Mr. and Mrs./Ms. Q.J. Public”, so long as greater and greater amounts of cash keep rolling in.

Bruce Cockburn once said, while gazing over large city towers,,all lit up at night from some distance away.  He remarked: “They look like jewels on the serpent’s crown!”  They take our money without permission, they up-root our homes, just because they want to dig for gold there!  They poison us with deadly chemicals and toxins; people like Exon and Shell and Coca-Cola…  Did you know they would not allow the local inhabitants of a town in Mexico to drink water?  Just Coke.  And they wouldn’t even allow them to collect rain water!  Oh, so now Coca-Cola owns the clouds as well…  I see…  They’d take the entire universe for themselves if the basted thing was for sale!  That’s how greedy Microsoft is now!  I think we should turn on them…  I think we should all get a Mac…


Greed becomes all consuming

I think you can see what I’m getting at here; even the consumers are being consumed!  This is something that effects us all!  This month, the bill for just my Internet usage came to $162.00.  My total bill came to $500!  So I called up my Provider and asked them what’s up, and they said the problem stems from my blog usage, and a bunch of Window’s 8 programs I have that constantly communicate with The Internet, to show me updates on my screen in more or less a constant bases.  So thanks again Bill Gate ya dirty little…  Oh you rotten guy!  There go my Metro programs…  Microsoft givith, and Microsoft taketh away…

So the stakes have gone up now!  It used to be a set, monthly charge for an Internet connection..  This is no longer so;  Now it’s all based on how long you spend ON the Internet.  And as long as your modem is on, you are ON The Internet.  So I guess us poor people can no longer afford to be ON The Internet, now that’s it has turned into one large, lousy, two-legged, corporate cockroach!  And don’t think Bill Gates doesn’t have his little Internet Provider’s piece of the pie, because he has his fingers in just about every pie out there…  You may think pi r squared.  But pi are not squared.  Pi are round!

Just what are we losing?

Well, I just now lost the right to publish something on my own blog, and am presently using “Writer” now to cut down on my Internet time.  And you’ll maybe have to cut down on reading other people’s blogs too, because time is money now.  Right?  You’d better go into you’re task manager and shut down processes and programs that automatically begin at start up, that might be Internet connected!  Especially Window’s 8 owners such as myself must now delete all my hot-shot Metro programs, because they’re always connected, and any other program from your control panel that might be Internet connected, or you may be in my shoes someday real soon, the way that greed spreads.  So here they are once again…


Stop clowning around

These clowns aren’t celebrating because they’re giving us something, it’s because they’re taking something away.  They’re always taking something away!  They just made my font really tiny!  They know everything you’re doing now on The Internet.  How much are they NOT telling us they’re charging for us to store our pictures in Sky-Drive?  Well, they charge you to join the cloud now.  That’s not free any longer either… 

And they’re swiping everything out from under our noses!  Don’t think they’re not copying everything we put in: “The Cloud” and won’t one day shut off the cloud, and then sell our own stuff back to us, if we can afford it…  Else-wise someone else will get your pictures.  I mean it!  These guys are all slimy snakes. and not on the up and up at all…


Facing The Facts

C’mon now…  Do you really want this guy deciding how and why you’ll be running your computer now and in your future?  He once said: “So what if we loose the over 60 crowd?  They’re on their way out anyway!”  Thanx a lot you heartless, headless, walking corpse!  Thanks for nothing!  You should talk!  You look like you’re on your way out too!  The: “Do as I say and not as I do” type huh?


Look at what they’re promoting

Skype is no more than another Facebook disaster waiting to happen!  I’m ditching that too…  Window’s 8 is in all point of fact, is a money grabbing system, designed to reach right into your pocket-book!  The Internet is quickly becoming a pain in the Glutinous Maximus!  It doesn’t even take my camera, the cheap, dirty, stinking, spineless, heartless sons of a…  Oooo!  They make me so mad!  I never should have bought into this CRAP in the first place!  I hope they rot in Heck!  I wish there was a Heck! 

No, overly crammed e-mail programs Microsoft doesn’t believe are mine, Malware invasions, Trojan Horses, 5000 new viruses a day, Hackers and Spyware aren’t enough;  You have to turn on us too; as if you haven’t since Microsoft was born!  Enjoy your life, “dead from the head down”, Microsoft silly putty, without morals, yet loaded with computers full of…  Of  CRAP!  How do you sleep at night?  Microsoft monsters from The Id!  Go ahead and dispense with me.  After all, I am over 60’  What a hurtful thing to say.  Ooooo!  They just make me wanna kick the living cheeses out of my fridge!  STOP PLAYING WITH MY FONTS!  LOL!


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