Fright night…


What fear can do…

Fear can completely paralyze you in your tracks!  <CAUTION: DO NOT READ THIS WITH THE LIGHTS OUT!>  I seriously believe fear can make you a killer, even if you don’t believe yourself capable of that.  What if you had to fight for your life though?  Such a thing happened to me just two nights ago, in the year of our Lord: 9/6/2013. 

Plenty of people will tell you that they aren’t afraid of anything!  They aren’t always right.  I think that we ALL are afraid of something, and some of us just haven’t identified true, mind-gripping terrified shutters down their spine, as fear holds us in its powerful grip of a denial of the senses; of what we hear, what we see, and especially, what we anticipate we will feel.  ARE YOU FRIGHTENED YET?  OK…  I’ll continue…


You see, I don’t believe you must experience pain, when fear, intensified, sheer terror and disbelief, at What you behold, when fear is just as capable of a kind of numbing, madness, from which we know of no escape. <Insert lightning flash, followed by thunder.> 

Storms are something we are sometimes afraid of: scary movies, even panic attacks.  No my friends, I’m talking about being on the very brink of death itself, just as a thought embedded in your mind and nothing more. <Insert Camel sounds!>  I don’t just mean walking in front of a mirror and being frightened by your reflection.  I mean knowing for certain, you may well die kind of frightened… 

Come with me now, down the dark recesses of my mind, and see what it can expose me to in a matter of moments!  < Enter hungry pack of starving, wolves>  Now go beyond this to a higher form of danger, and enter the most dangerous of creatures on the face of this Earth; Man…

9:30 pm Eastern standard Daylight time…

I respect the cunning and dangerous element present within human nature, as do most creatures beyond the first Amoeba.  On this particular evening, Leslie was away visiting relatives, and Cody (Leslie’s 20-year-old son, was out.)  I was alone in the house.  And I hate being alone in the house; every little creek in squeaking door-hinge, fumbling around in the dark for the chain that hangs below our ceiling fan in the middle of the room.  My imagination just soars every time, with shivers flying up my spine before I reach that chain, heart pounding through my head;  I am terrified!  I stare into the darkness, and pull my chain, lol,   The light goes on, and there’s nothing hideous or terrifying there at all.  Just my room…

The moment of truth!

I had told both Leslie and her son, that if I forget to, lock the front door before you go to bed.  And they never seem to listen.  See,  I’m deathly afraid of something more practical than ghosts and apparitions.  I’ve always been afraid of someone entering my house and attacking me at a time when I’m alone and defenseless to survive!  The scenario has run through my head a hundred times!  Leslie keeps a pairing knife on her side of the bed, and I have a base-ball bat, in-case someone should attack us in our sleep.  Anyway, I just don’t want to get bludgeoned to death for my stereo and state of the art deck of cards!  Or smothered with my own pillow, used as a silencer.

So, to make a short story long, I went into the kitchen, from which, if you’re facing your fridge, the front door is directly behind me.  I got out a large tub of yogurt to polish off, so I had a spoon in my hand (Impotent to remember), I turned around and saw two men, standing in front of my front door, that “I forgot to lock.”  They say ya know, if someone puts a gun to your head, most of us would die within the first 45 seconds, whether the trigger is pulled or not.  Just the fear of it alone can be enough!  I just didn’t recognize them right off, bowed my head, and that was enough to plant the seed in my mind.  A powerful thing, the mind.  It can make you believe anything!

Ending Number One:

I thought of something to do, that even I didn’t expect I’d do; I bowed my head; not just to put my intruders off guard, thinking they had already won me over, but to protect my heart and lungs with my head bent low enough that a bullet could possibly rick shay off and buy me some time.  I could whip the powerful weapon at them I had in my hand: a table-spoon.  Or, I could reach for a knife in the dish rack beside me, but would risk getting shot in a kidney! Then I could always duck behind the kitchen counter, in hopes of rushing them, just in-case a magnum 347 can’t penetrate a spaghetti strainer and a couple of cheap pots and pans underneath the counter…. 

All of this flashed through my mind in a matter of but one second of time!  Funny what your mind will do in a catch 22?  I really thought I was going to die!   So I looked up, and saw it was my two buddies: Bone-Head and his boss Dan, standing there with big smiles on their faces, and I said: “GOSH DARN FELLOWS, YOU DARN NEAR GAVE ME A FART ATTACK!  Well, maybe not exactly in those words.  The relief was better than a strong laxative! Let’s just put it that way…

Ending Number Two:

I quickly hid down below the counter!  My heart was pacing so fast, I suddenly couldn’t think!  Were they quietly approaching the counter?  Were bullets about to come blazing through my colander and end my existence at any moment?  I waited…  I waited for what stretched into seemingly forever., I waited…  Nothing…  I tried to silently take a breath, and quickly stood up again!  It had all been in my imagination!  There was nobody there at all  I sighed with relief, sat down in my Lazy-Bo,y attached my safety belt, and watched Criminal Minds, with the lights out!

Which is the true ending?

I leave that for you to conjure…  But for now, I’ will show you what terrified looks like!  Are you frightened yet?  Is your hair flying back and turning white?  Are you frozen in time, about to go stark raving mad?  No?  Well wait until you see what I have in store for you now!  WHOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Real frightened people!


These are pictures of young people, who volunteered to spend the night in a house that was reputed to be haunted…  LOL!  This guy looks like he’s just seen a ghost.  In fact, the place is rigged to show them just that.


Here’s what I mean about being frozen in time!  Absolutely unable to move, eye-balls popping out of your head, scared half to death!  In fact to me, LOL, he looks more like a pussy cat, what thinks it can claw itself out of the situation.  LOL!  Oooo! I so love to see the completely terrified, and wonderfully scared, because we all have our own look, but it’s much more rare than say a smile. and tends to contort our faces wildly!  Frightened people,  People perhaps who have said in the past, I know this is a hoax!  Nothing here can really frighten me!  Oh yeah?


Examine the picture above carefully!  They all have very different expressions of fear!  Oh I’m so pleased!  Look at the blonde girl in the back!  Look how her hair is almost standing up!  See the terror in her eyes and remember it, because the blonde in the front must be some kind of Comedienne!  The brunette behind her wants to say something, but nothing will come out!  HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!  The red-haired girl is still thinking…  Fear has paralyzed them!  They cannot move!  They can’t even think of what to do next!


AHHHHHHHH!  LOL!  Oooo!  See how your hair stands on end?  This man, is aging before your eyes!  LOL!  “ANTONIO NO!  IT’S NOT REALLY A WATER PISTLE!”


Oh Yeah!  His ghoul-friend won’t let him leave!  This is the stuff nightmares are made of!  You must be afraid now!  It’s after midnight!  Oooo!  The witching hour…


The guy in blue looks like Newman from Seinfeld and the guy in front is saying just what I was to myself”  “What in the name of two-horse puckie’s is that?”


Well that’s my tale…  Startling but true!  I hope I kept you in suspense!  It’s my first real horror story, because it’s a fact, and I hope it will draw me more followers…  What do you think?  Ha ha!  I’ll bet I got to some of you. Ooooo!  If I could only see your horrified faces! :O)



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