Finding The Bee


Will you stop moving around?

It’s when things go wrong that you go home and think.  In this case, I was already at home,  so I didn’t have to go far.  These are all pictures of Leslie’s Garden.  And she tends to it meticulously, every day, spraying the leaves, moving the ones out of the sun that don’t do well there, even though the stupid tag says they do great in the sun.  OH YOU!!!  Well anyway, this stupid bee (actually, there were a pair of stupid bees), wouldn’t stand still and pose for my picture!  I took about 10 pictures, and in each and every one, the flowers were clear, yet the bee was always blurry.  Why?  It moves in all directions, like a helicopter; very unpredictable flight patterns.  I’d need a tracking device of some kind, just to keep up with one!  Even when they landed, they didn’t stop moving!

So what’s the problem white man?

Nothing I tried worked.  That’s the problem!  I opened the lens, I upped The ISO!  I set the silly thing for 8000th. of a sec.  I tried focusing manually.  I even ask God for a freak of nature!  There is one where the bee is partially hidden, yet the focus was almost clear.  If you belittle the file to your screen size, I’m sure it will come out clear; use bicubic reduction and choose sharpen.  You’ll know it when you see it…  It kind of figures because I have a portrait camera.  And what do you tell people to do when taking pictures of their portrait?  Run around the room?  Of corpse not!  We tell them not to move, and to try not to look frightened,  LOL!  Still, I should be able to get a clear picture of a bee if pocket cameras can do it.  It’s got to be in the settings somewhere.  I must research this one a widow further…

Where did all our bees go?

Apparently, there was some kind of virus that infected nearly all our cultured bee hives in North America.  The bee population was nearly wiped out!  That would be bad;  bees don’t just give us honey and wax.  They pollinate approx. one-third of all our crops!  This would cause a severe shortage of many foods we enjoy today!  So help the bee; plant lots of different varieties of flowers (Set up a hive in your living room why don’t you?) and research what’s being done about the problem today.  I have an obvious contusion that bee keepers are not cleaning the hives well enough.  Two new queens don’t always battle for supremacy of the hive.  Sometimes, when the old Queen dies, they relocate and build a new hive somewhere else.  Are they aware of something we’re not…  Anyway, support your local bee…

What else can we do?

Blow smoke on them until they get drowsy.  Then, stick them on balsa wood planes, with crazy glue and give them a better sucking apparatus for storing extra nectar, and build them some tiny airports with luxury Hotels…  Shape them like connected pentagrams.  They’ll love it…  Give them tiny brooms for better house cleaning and arm them with real machine guns to better protect their communities…  LOL!  Here’s our garden:


3 thoughts on “Finding The Bee

    • Yes, they’re somewhat vibrant. I like the scent of some flowers. Most especially lilacs! I’m primarily, just the plant mover… It seems I almost over-looked your comment. Sorry it took me so long to find you!

      • Hey, no problem… It happens to all of us from time to time!
        I love lilacs also. My mom had beautiful mature lilac bushes at the side of our house when I was little. They were practically as tall as the house. I remember just always wanting to play around them because they were so pretty and fragrant.

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