It’s a Phenomenon!



Have I just broken through a barrier?

Who, or should I say whom are all of these people on my blog?  Is it like Opinion man stated.  That just one day he wrote a blog on a particular subject, and it was like the flood-gates were let open.  Yes, I’m talking about my now famous post: “Web-site Construction” from my “Graphic Designs” category.  I would strongly advise you revisit the blog, just to go through my answers to some of the questions there.  I’m getting teachers and university students asking me questions there.  Gee, I hope I passed the audition?  Anyway, here is a little excerpt or more precisely, an answer I gave to a question:

Awe darn it all to Heck!  I put it on the clip-board, but the silly thing didn’t take.  You’ll just have to go there and see for yourselves.  I’m up to 230 comments there!  I answered them all, so that’s 115 new followers, that just popped out of the blue.  Including my 70 WordPress followers, I now have, apparently, 185 followers; many of which say they’ll return.  I know…  Gullible’s Travels…  Just because people say so, that doesn’t mean they’ll do it.  So it’s as yet an undefined number.  Still, many sounded quite sincere.  Positively, my site has grown.

The reason I want you to read through a few, is because I seriously respect my WordPress friends, and know that you will tell me straight; is this a hoax or is it on the up and up?  “up and up?  Isn’t one up enough?  Do you sometimes find The English Language a little screwy?  That worries me when it comes to directions.  You know?  “Take the first right past the chicken coup on the left, then follow the second dirt road you come to, north to the flashing yellow light.  Make 2 lefts and a south past old Millar road to the pig farm.  The Farmer will direct you from there.”  Now how are you supposed to remember all that at a gas station?  And what if The Pig Farmer is out playing with his pigs?  You’ll get all muddy!  Now what was I saying?  Oh yeah.  You know who I am better than most…


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