Jug not Lest Yee be Jugged



Exactly what Is Fair?

Our courtrooms sentence hundreds of innocent people every single day.  In Canada, you’re pretty much guilty unless you have enough money to prove yourself innocent.  You’re much better off to look guilty, and just pay the fine; which is usually considerably less than what I Lawyer would charge you.  As soon as it’s announced that The Crown Attorney has arrived, the entire courtroom full of supposed hardened Criminals get up and rush to his door?  Why?  Nobody there can afford a Lawyer.

How to produce criminals

Raise them in slums, and give them no jobs to support their families.  Fill the stores with liquor and cigarettes, even that you know they both kill people.  Make no allowances for people who have been driven nuts already.  Then stick them into institutions where they can learn how to get away with newer and better crimes when they’re released, if ever.  Also, they always arrive at the crime scene after the fact, with either no witnesses, or too many with a different story.


What drives someone to kill another?

How we were raised by our parents, the law might label as a “sociopath” and yet if you were trained to be that way, how does that make me guilty for the things I do as a result of instilled nuttiness.  Go ahead and ask a Law Enforcement Officer what the signs are to identify a depressiod or schizophrenic, and they’d probably look back at you like  Deer caught in headlights!  Maybe your boss has been pushing you around for 20 years, and then slept with your wife; it doesn’t matter in the eyes of the law.  You should have quit your job, left your wife, and followed Jesus.  And then it’s even more insulting because it’s as though they’re trying to tell you that’s what they would have done, had they been in your position.  Hmmm…  I wonder just what it takes to get someone to snap, yet for certain, everyone has their braking point.


Seeing the entire picture

Have you ever seen the movie: “A Clockwork Orange”?  What good is arriving after a dead body has been stinking up a room?  We’re going about this all wrong.  We have to find a way to identify psychosis, and change their way of thinking “before” they commit a crime in the first place.  They should give them some kind of monitor inside their brains, so that anytime they even think of a crime, they get a terrible head-ache, and throw up…  Then we can just set them free and rent our jails to the poor, as luxury condos. Do you know how much it costs to feed and clothe just one prisoner per year?  $50,000!  Or can’t we just give them their own Island, surrounded by landmines? The Bible tells us in Jeremiah, that it does not belong to Man who is walking, even to judge his own step!  Besides, what example do we set for anyone by being so cruel and heartless ourselves?  And catching someone after the fact, I mean, big deal; the damage has already been done.

face maded with vegetables




4 thoughts on “Jug not Lest Yee be Jugged

    • Thank you so much for your input Sharmish! I just think it so sad how we treat each other, after we’ve contributed our entire lives to serving our communities… It’s too bad the public doesn’t have more say about our justice system and what real tangible corrections are we making? I mean besides locking people away, what help do they get?

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