Our Psychological Selves

Truly, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, we all have a kind of mental instability of one sort or other; just through the stress that every day life presents… Yet our psychological selves are tricky; we don’t exactly see ourselves as others do, and so we have a deeper self, designed to correct this position.  See, our subconscious corrects for what our conscious misses yet does it in a symbolic way, subject to what we perceive ourselves to be.  Subject to interpretation.  How is this true?  In the first place everyone just sees what they want to see to begin with; in other words, we tend to pick out the more pleasant bits, and reject the rest, or at least, we stick it in the back of our heads for a more appropriate time to be dealt with.  We tend to prefer the pleasantness of it all.  We tend to prefer a societal realm, to the beast within us all.

The hand is quicker than the eye

The eye can be easily fooled simply by getting you to concentrate on one thing, while another is quickly being performed.  That’s why you miss what’s really going on; the eye can be easily distracted… So if the eye can be fooled, the mind can to because it interprets what the eyes see.  Going beyond this, we might begin to question whether or not what we see is actually reality at all; or is it something more interchangeable than we actually realize?  Don’t misunderstand me; the world we all see, is quite real.  I’m merely suggesting that we interpret it differently is all.  One person sees a hard mountain to climb.  Another sees an opportunistic place to hunt game.  And so, it’s all a matter of what you think you see rather than what is actually there.  We don’t find that out until we actually tackle the fact.  So, therefore, it no longer becomes a question of what we so, but how we interpret it.

A Hard-core Example

Person “A” sees a murder; he can’t breathe right, he can’t reason through what he sees, and is completely paralyzed!  Person “B” on the other hand is patching together a complete mental description of the parties involved.  He reaches for his cell phone almost instinctively. and sets a correction of the situation into motion.  The same view can create opposite reactions.  It therefore no longer becomes what’s happening that’s key, but rather, what the viewer of the situation can or cannot do about it.  Is reality therefore something we simply witness, or something we change via interaction; and if reality is inherently mutable, we cannot measure it as a substance at all.

Even more gibberish

Maybe 2 seconds is a long time to an ant, because I really believe that the tinier we are, the longer the passage of time seems to be.  How long for instance, is an hour to a virus?  Like-wise, tiny, living things also possess longevity the way bigger, living things do.  And if I believe, the more complex the organism, the longer it lives, then I should be studying sequoia trees…  Trees are simply put together.  Their vascular system is confined to its leaves.  I wish I were a tree; and I live in a time where wishes come true…  If I really wanted to help the world, I’d be a Venus Fly Trap!  And therefore determining the finiteness of so-called “reality”…  :O)



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