Port Carling_Day_3


God is a Sculptor

The tree in the middle stands nicely etched out by the suns rays, and a gentle mist rolls out from the inlet where our Motel is situated.   I knew this and managed to repair the alarm clock by plugging it in…  Sometimes my genius even extends beyond this, to wearing soaks, and most especially, eating all my oatmeal.  So the buzzer goes off at 190 decibels at precisely 7am.  One eye opens and peers out the glass sliding doors, and seeing the mist there waiting for me, I quickly got dressed and headed down to the lake with my camera still standing set-up from the day before.  Between morning shots and sunsets, I prefer the mornings because of the surreal effect of the mist, the quiet of the morning hours, and the blue cast of light seems to blend with the green of the trees, better than the oranges of evening.


More than meets The Eye

This is a picture of:  “The Seaquin’, a boat of the early 1900’s that used to take her father to work every morning…  There’s Leslie, taking a picture of the plaque on the wall.


Upon closer examination however, we see that the entire picture is made up of much smaller pictures that admirably reflect the times.  Leslie says her Grandfather is on the wall too.


The Museum

Here, Leslie found books relating to her family.  It cost us $2.50 each to get in.  I thought this was the best part.  This is a typical Hotel Desk of the early 1900’s…  I had to take out the orange cast inside the museum, without losing the quality of the wood.  They both looked very life-like.  Either that, or I felt like a Big Dummy!  There were a few artifacts and stuff, but nothing all that spectacular.  There were no rides :O(


Here, from the same Museum (finally), is an old map of The Muskoka Lakes…  We were on Lake Joseph.


Anxiety creeps in

Leslie wanted to go into this quaint little store that only sells pagan Christmas stuff, cuz she wanted to buy some fudge.  I remained outside and had a nectarine cuz I was thirsty.  The streets on a Friday in Port Carling, are jammed with bumper to bumper traffic, people moving about you everywhere.  First it makes me nervous, then I get anxious and thirsty and finally, I become very confused.  It was nearly 1pm. and the sun was beating down on me, so I was already at the confused stage by now, so we went to The Marina :O)


Here, I was able to regain my senses, but got peeved off at all the boats!  It would seem that every time I’d go to take a picture of one, it would suddenly turn at that very moment.  Boats seemed to speed up and slow down, making focus nearly impossible.  Just when I was ready to start ripping the wings off of insects, Leslie suggested we go for another swim to cool off.  As soon as we came out of the water, someone told us that we shouldn’t have been swimming there because of dangerous seagull poop!  Anyway, just click the first picture on the mosaic below for a slide-show of the third day of our very special journey. If I don’t start mutilating Hamsters, I may be going up north Thursday…  Enjoy!


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