Port Sandfield_Day_2


This is the bustling, one horse town of Port Sandfield.  We are on Lake St. Joseph, just across the street from this store.  The local residence just call it Lake Jo.  It’s part of four rather big, interconnected lakes.  Just below Lake Jo is Lake Muskoka.  Yes, this is The Muskokas, only a two and a half hour drive from Toronto.  When we get to the Museum, I’ll show you a map of the place.  That’s in tomorrows package.  Just when I was going to snap the picture, this guy came and parked right in front of the store (The blonde guy you see walking), just to peeve me off.  So instead of going: “You rotten…”  I moved from side to side until I got a glint of the sun to form a star on the car and add a little interest to the photo, turning a negative into a positive.

We slept in…

There was an alarm clock at the Motel.  Leslie said she thought it was broken cuz she couldn’t get any power out of it.  So she found out it just wasn’t plugged in.  This she tells me at 10 am. when we woke up.  Great.  So forget breakfast; she grabbed a nectarine and I went for a couple of out meal cookies, and off we went to Leslie’s aunt Sally’s Cottage, about a mile out-of-town.  This is where I begin walking with my camera all set up on my Moffroto tripod. (It’s Italian so it cost $400… Nobody ever told me why…)  <Chiching!>  I had brought my binoculars along, so we were up a little late the night before, looking at all the stars…


Aunt Sally’s Roses

This is at the front door to Aunt Sally’s Cottage.  Aunt Sally looks older than the cottage itself.  The garden she tends to has been there for 150 years!  Leslie hadn’t seen her Aunt Sally for 25 years.  So when they rushed into each others arms right away, it almost brought a tear to my eye…  Being a Cyclops isn’t easy ya know!  LOL!  You’ll see more of her garden in the slide show; aunt Sally, as well as Leslie’s cousin Greg and his wife and two dogs.


Releasing The Pain

This is the Church where Leslie attended as a child on up until she was 38.  She came here to pray and release all the hurt and anger she had toward her mother all these years because she completely left her out of the Will, which was a distribution of millions of dollars worth of money and property that Leslie saw no part of.  We visited her mother’s grave at the cemetery near the church where more tears were shed.  It was difficult but she managed to forgive her mother when we got home and talked about it some more.  Many of the cottages in these pictures, belonged to Leslie’s family…  I have taken a lot of the orange casting out of the inside of the church to let some natural light show, shinning through the windows.


Outside of The Church

There was a lot of blue cast I removed.  This was intensified because the sun was setting behind the church at the time…

Here a boat, there a boat, everywhere a boat boat…

The place was absolutely loaded with boats!  All in all the day was full of activity, even got a swim in.  So we had fun traveling all over Heck’s Half Acre!  Anyway, as they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words!”  So double-click a picture below and enjoy the slide show…


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    • Liam; Thank you for a great comment! Don’t forget to download what you like. These pictures are taken with one of the best cameras in the world! (Canon D5). And you can blow them up to poster size without loosing any detail!

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