Mac. Teir_Day_1


Back of the motel where we stayed, just outside of Mac.Teir…  Lily Pads are a perfect way to start off.  If they can support frogs, they can support my picture-taking prowess!  It’s almost like a bog, which is so close to “blog”, that you can feel the tranquility in the picture…  “Rivet…Rivet…Rivet…”

The Arrival

I have to present this to you the same way that it happened; chronologically.  There are religious connotations involved.  You see, Leslie came from a very rich family, that used to practically own all of Port Carling.  Naturally, her mother hated her, so Leslie inherited nothing.  I know…  This is starting to sound like a load of doo doo already.  I know when someone is giving me doo doo and when they are not however, and I believe she had these associations.  However, I don’t follow religion myself (Man’s concept of God) because we’ve been noted for our misconception of a lot of things through the ages.  However, I do have my own concept and belief in God.  I’m certain He’s an extra terrestrial being of some sort.

Here’s the really weird thing that gets me.  Around every turn and every corner, (many turns without signs) I made the right decision which way to turn, every single time.  Now, does the credit go to my high reasoning abilities and directional compass within me?  No!  Leslie said it was because she prayed to God that we’d have a safe, trouble-free trip.  So that negates my having anything to do with it at all.

A Scandinavian Paradise


Check in time was 3 pm.  And that puzzles me right away because check out time is 10 am.  So right away, they just steal 5 hours off you without your consent.  So all the pictures I got this first day were all of the motel area.  Tomorrow I will present the second day, and so on.  Tomorrow, we will get into trouble in paradise.  Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean being happy.  Today I present just a few of the motel area, because we arrived at precisely 3 pm. and the sun set was no big deal that particular day.  Anyway, it was only $89 a night at The Hale Hitler Hotel…  Not bad for all the anemones.

As it turns out, the Motel itself was about 20 kms. out-side of Mac.Teir.  It vaz worth it though, with the beautiful Scandinavian bodies.  I actually waited until our neighbor went on a boat ride to remove her children’s bathing suits from their picnic table, so I could take a picture of a row of them out back of the motel, with the beautiful Scandinavian women!  Wonder-bar!


3 thoughts on “Mac. Teir_Day_1

  1. nice pictures it looks like a quiet place. we could all use a trip out of town once in a while to remind us that the rest of the world is still out there.

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