Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Genius of Determination

Nothing can withstand shear, hard-nosed determination to get something done.  No wall is strong enough, no fortress tall enough, but that it must eventually crumble and fall low before our uncanny ability to eventually think outside the box (in this case, Microsoft’s new rat turd, operating system what can’t even recognize its own USB ports, so I can download my pictures from my camera box) and solve the problem… 

I’m like that too!  I’ll get up in the middle of the night to try to solve a problem.  It’s just an idea will suddenly pop into my head and I know I won’t be able to sleep until I try it.  After so many attempts and failures to solve the problem, I finally thought outside of the box and succeeded in my quest without having to fork out $54 for software, to solve a problem I did NOT create.  I went over to my good friend: “Markus Lascivious Crassus” and used his Window’s 7 operating system to download my pictures to disk, and in return for his intermittent help (from time to time) I will give him some of my best results (repay him in photos)…  It’s a classic: “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!”  That’s figuratively speaking of corpse.

The Ghost in The Machine

Here’s what puzzles me to begin with…  Why is it Leslie’s $1.79 pocket camera, Vivitar will download pictures using just a penniless, generic driver (No software) and for my $4000 camera body, Microsoft puts up their: “Go take a hike” sign?  And it’s not just a luck of the draw kind of thing.  It affects millions of important people around the world!  I plug my camera in, and I get that stupid, yellow dialogue box that says Microsoft doesn’t know who Canon is, am I sure I want to run this so we can call you a useless administrator, even that I’ve gone as far as Tim buck 4, to try to speak to my computer’s tiny brain directly…  A conversation.  Just one on one.  Just me and Microsoft…  And even that I know you’re a huge, corporate giant that could  squish us “unimportant humans”,  I just have one pertinent question:  What the #$@! are you doing?

Fortunately for me

Fortunately for me, I brought my Canon drivers along, just incase I’d have to say:  “You dirty…” Window’s 7 had no problem with it, politely formatted my disk first, and after just dropping the picture folders onto the disk drive in Window’s Explorer.  And, it also politely told me, when I pushed the eject button: “Hang on while we make this disk compatible with other computers…”  [Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy, I’m going to have my pictures on disk, finally!]  I said to myself.  My friend Markus, and Bone-Head were both laughing at the pleased expression on my face!  LOL!  I mean, after all, it’s been just another Microsoft ordeal.  We all get them at one time or another.  We all should have went with a Mac.

As Lady Luck would have it

I hope “Lady Luck” is good figuratively?  And who in The King Kong &^$%$#! is Lady Luck anyway?  I’ve never met the woman personally!  Father Time escapes me as well…  OK then; as The Bros. and The Sisters would have it, I maybe shouldn’t be so pleased with myself after all.  There are 212 pictures from my camera to edit, and 420 from Leslie’s Vivitar.  That’s a lot of editing in front of me!  It’s the most pleasant and instantly rewarding form of work I know of.  I’m going to enjoy cursing myself for a lens I forgot to brush off, I just know it…

And so, in contusion

And so, in contusion dear friends, I’m going to have to give pure Heck to at least one of you who told me they were disappointed I didn’t always have up a lot of pictures up; I would remind them that this is a blog and not a slide show.  OK?  I don’t just flip out new pictures like popcorn to begin with, and I work darn hard to make sure I bring you the best quality materials and you would know that if you’d investigate my blog a little further.  OK?  I don’t take pictures of my self going through life, I use words for that.  And I’m good at it too. OK?  Alrighty then…  I forgive you.  Don’t let it happen again, or I’ll report you to the: M.A.D.C. (Mothers Against Drawing Contusions) Union!

And now, hopefully, without The entire Internet falling down on me, I hope to be peaceably about my business bringing you great pictures, tutorials, life’s lessons, design projects, stories, up to the minute news, ESPECIALLY ABOUT MY CRUMMY LIFE!  OK?  LOL  OK…  I forgive you for real this time :O)

As for Microsoft, about the only advice I could give to them is: “You’d better fix your broken window in a big hurry, or you’re gonna lose a lot of peeved off users…  We may be older, but there’s a lot of us and you forget:  “I AM SPARTACUS 2030!  Attention fellow old geezers!  (I’ll just give you a moment)  Madam!  Help that enormous man up!  Don’t you remember someone threw his crutch out the window that day, laughed and said: “[BETCHA CAN’T CATCH ME!]”  IT’S GONNA BE A LONG MARCH!  WE’LL PROBIBLLY ALL BE SLAUGHTERED!  THAT’S LIFE…  WE MARCH AT DAWN!   Ok.. 10 O’clock…  11:32?”  Tennis anyone?

Count Alucard


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