A Dome Home


My Dream Home

I’ve been interested in the architecture behind domed homes since around the year 2000.  Back then, they were plain-looking, tiny Hobbit abodes you could compare with a mushroom.  Today, they have really been modernized and do carry several advantages.  Some of them are made more of glass and actually rotate with the sun for maximum exposure.  It’s imperceptible to you that the house is moving, until you notice after several hours, you’re facing another direction. If you set the rotation to sidereal time and opened a sky-light or two at night and follow the sky with a telescope, no motor would be necessary because the entire house would do it for you.  I’ve dreamed of owning one of these.  I’d imagine they’d be a little on the expensive side, but they seem to be catching on, just the same.  So I thought we’d take the grand tour.  It’s like having a glimpse of the future today :O)

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