Things are not what they seem

I cried to know what the future might be…  All the time, for years and years!  Now it seems to be forming a picture of it for me: I see the world much as an illusionary process we don’t necessarily need to be part of: Example; we can name The Beatles “The best band”  but that’s not true. It is: “The best band that we know of, perhaps.”  That does not mean to say that there isn’t a better band out there that is yet to be discovered if you understand my logic…  Persuade others to do what is right!  And not hastily follow only what they see.

There is sadness so huge in the world that it really does need music to help keep it stable.  Music is an amazing thing…  “Music soothes the savage beast!”  If we know this much, we know that comedy makes him chuckle!  We could control the earth as one major unit, but we’d have to know human nature to do so…  Human nature is very complex and unpredictable; if people want to manipulate things in this world, why not manipulate them for the good?  It’s just as easy to do wrong.

We are, in and of ourselves, lonely desolate creatures, lacking in confidence, encouragement, insight and discipline.  We are made of better stuff than that!  We are all sorry creatures in the vain that we don’t really help each other to the extent that is necessary for a great world to begin with.  To have a great world, we need great people; people who will go that extra mile to ensure that others have the very same opportunities that they have…  After all, it’s only fair.  And it makes the world a better place. 

Look at it this way;  If you allow other people to hurt others, when you know how to cure that, you are responsible!  You are responsible because they are made of everything that you are, and therefore are entitled to the very same breaks that you’ve had in life.  Yes?  Are you your brothers keeper?  Why yes, you are…

Please be courteous to your fellow-man/woman, and remember that they are made of what you are made of.  What hurts you, hurts them.  Don’t be subject to that; it’s like knowing that a person is hanging off a cliff and you won’t help them.  It’s as ii you helped to kill them then.  Yes?  Never hurt anyone!  You are responsible if you do!  And if you don’t give out your fullest possible effort to help others, you can never expect the same in return.

Now here’s what I want you to do.  Find someone that you really hate, and help them!  If not, what better are you then those who only care about themselves?  Show me!  Show me that you can help improve the world by being a little more tolerant, a little less peeved, and a lot more empathetic toward your fellow-man/woman.  I can tell you for sure, this is NOT the world you want… And only by doing this, can you make it better.  Only by showing the way yourself 

So change it!  As little as you may think you’re doing, it’s catching.  Other people see your example and learn from it.  Don’t ever look at what there is. Look at what there could be, if you could but only change things!  And if everyone in the world thought the same thing, it would transform over-night!  Help me help you…  Be kind to us all!  Go that extra mile to help us all; promise to do that, and I will too…  Love requires effort.  Then again…  Is it love we really want?  We sure don’t act the part.  We are fakes out for ourselves!  Things are not what they seem…

We stay in our safe little houses, expecting everything will go well without us…  WE ARE WRONG!  Give, and you will receive 10 fold back…  I don’t need your friendship.  I do however, need to know you, so I can decide if a friend is what you are.  If there’s something wrong, you know I’m here to help…



4 thoughts on “Things are not what they seem

  1. i agree the world needs more compassionate people. We need to be kinder and forgiving. if only i saw smiles where frowns greet me id prolly go out and be part of the community more myself. thanks for your thoughts Darrell.

    • Oh if it only could be so! It almost seemed to go that way in The 60’s. People long to go back I notice. And thank you Melissa for your sensitive and thoughtful views! It’s so good to see you again I could pop! lol!

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