You still push my buttons


OK, just because I’m giving you more buttons, that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna do this all the time!  Maybe every couple of weeks…  LOL!  Oddly enough, I started finding all these plaid shirt patterns and thought them good to sell men’s shirts or something.  Then I found some manly fish ones, and suddenly it occurs to me that their aren’t too many feminine ones in this set.  Sorry ladies!  I’ll look for more of those next time…

Rounded Rectangle Buttons_2

OK…  Here are some rounded rectangle buttons…  That makes 40 new ones altogether.  Now I have to start working on a new style.  Play with these for now.   Please!  No trophy is necessary…  I wouldn’t mind going to Brazil…

You know, it’s really some challenge building up Photoshop!  The program basically begins as this big dummy you have to educate with brushes, styles, textures, patterns, shapes, contours, displacement maps etc..  Don’t get me wrong, they could right a book just on the layers pallet alone.  I need some new ideas that look more “Space Age”, with more shiny metals and such…  I’ll see what I can come up with…  Cheers!


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