Trout Lake


How it all started

Here, I felt like Moses looking at the burning bush!  It just looked so incredible to me that I was actually humbled by just how beautiful God’s creation truly is!  However, that’s not what I meant by “How it all started…” 

See, My friend “Bone-Head” and I were sitting at my place around mid-night, and we were floating on a little hemp; actually, enough hemp to put down a Wildebeest, when suddenly Bone-Head pipes up and says: “Hey!  If we leave now, we can get up to our new spot: “The Talbot River” pictured above, we can get in some early morning pictures.  (insert the word “fishing” in place of “pictures”, and you’ll get what he really wanted to do…

Sometimes I am as impulsive as he is, and he knows that, and plays on it.  I let him have his way, 1) because he’s right, and c) because he is a giving person and willing to pay for gas and “other” expensive; like six tall boys of bad troubles medication…

A closer look at the burning bush

_MG_3332This may not be the burning bush, yet upon closer examination, God’s handy work is certainly apparent.  It is such a tranquil spot as God would pick, to dwell upon The Earth.  Well, if He’s been here before, hanging out on a mountain, he could as certainly be as inspiring at this spot as any other.  The Talbot River is just across the road (highway) from Trout Lake.  It’s all Indian ground, which means you can be there as likely as anyone else.  The catch, is it’s location.  I’ll explain that momentarily.

Trout Lake


This is Trout Lake, with a little island thrown in for effect; as a good distance indicator.  Trout lake is a fair size, at least for what I saw of it.  I like cloudy days, yet somehow, I felt differently about this set of pictures; instead of taking all the shadows out, I wanted you to see these at just the time of day I took them, and what it looked like to me.

Sneaky Directions:

Follow highway eleven up to highway 60, follow that through the west gate, and through the east gate…  About 100 kms. further, on your right hand side, you’ll see a parking space, just before the Trout River sign, big enough for one vehicle.  We have gone there 3 times and it’s always been empty.  Once you’re parked, you can camp there if you like, for FREE!  And don’t worry.  Indians don’t scalp us anymore.  They trade for horses and whiskey :O)


Because of the weather, the morning did progress in a somewhat intriguing way for me.  It provided for soft tones, and subtle differences you won’t find on sunny mornings.  Mornings can provide for some stunning pictures when comes to misty areas.  If I had my way, I would live out there; far away from any protection :O(

I know a few of these appear o the side-show feature as black screens with an “x” at the top…  Don’t worry, they appear in the side-show anyway…  There was just a glitch because there were so many to upload.  Akunamatada!



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