I’m Under Construction

Sorry for the inconvenience, not posting for the last few days, but I’m under construction so to speak (We can rebuild him!).  I feel like The $6 man…   I hope to be worth at least a 10 spot before I’m through.  I decided to just install Premium Design suite CS3 rather than lay out any further expenditure.  It’s plenty good enough for my porpoises.

That means I have a lot of brushing up to do.  Right now I’m reading The Illustrator CS3 WOW book; I’ll want to do illustrations for one thing, because I have a lot of ideas for them, and another, vector drawings can be loaded up here in PDF format without having to change them into raster files (pixel based).  And finally, I remember dabbling in it a long time ago (before radio), and found it has a better look and feel to your work than Photoshop does.

Then I have to read The Flash Bible (I think it’s thicker) and The InDesign Bible and a book on Dreamweaver.  It’s mostly Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop that I’m concerned with.  It’s been too long since I worked in those programs so I’m going to need a refresher course, experimentation etc..  I “am” a diligent workhorse so it won’t be forever.

See, the main problem is, I’ve yet to solve the mystery of why Windows 8 won’t recognize my camera?  I phoned my Computer Guru, and he said his Canon Rebel works just fine on Windows 8.  That’s what I get for buying an 8 thousand dollar camera…  That means, for now anyway, I can produce no more pictures unless I find a machine that will do it and download them onto disk.

So this is a small, dire crises.  I can’t give you anything more unless I start designing again.  It does mean better instruction though because I can take screen shots for what I’m doing.  So if things seem a little slow on my end for the time being, please take it with a grain of salt (use the whole salt shaker if you have to), and check on me periodically. 

I don’t want to lose the traffic It’s taken me so much effort to build!  I just wanted to let you know, it’s a good thing.  There’s plenty of talent out there anyway, so you won’t miss my rants, if I bring you quality designs.  I will be in touch from time to time, but not every day and three or four posts like before…  I thank you for your patience and understanding… Akunamatada…



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