Good Evening!

Count Alucard

Good Evening!  Or good morning…  What does it matter?  Now-a-days our coffins come fully equipped with Internet service.  My name is Count Alucard, as you know, is Dracula spelled backwards!  He may get all the press, but I have more suction!  HAHA… HAHAHA! 

Did I frighten you yet?  Did your hair fly back and turn grey?  Let me invite you for supper tonight instead…  Say around mid-night?  I like to dine late…




I assure you, Vampires now have their own food now, so we no longer have to feast on the blood of mosquitos…  I swear, I won’t take your jugular in vain! 

I may even let you sit on my bled.  I’m sorry!  I meant to say “bed!”  It was a slip of the tooth.  I’m sorry!  I meant to say “tongue!”



We could take in a movie, and sit in the dark together!  And I could have a little peck.  I’m sorry!  I meant to say “neck!”  It was another sip.  I’m sorry!  I meant to say “slip!” 


This is so awkward for me…  Before I depart, here is a picture of my sister…


Good Evening!  Good night!  And don’t turn out the light!  Are you frightened?  BOOOOOOOO!  WHOOOAHAHAHA!

Tonight when the moon is full, I’ll bite your throat!


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