Deep Blog Profiling

I know there must be a dozen posts out there on blogging, and yet I have a few ideas of my own to share.  To get at the “meat” of blogging, is to go deep within yourself, and draw out feeling about what you’re blogging about.  Without feeling, your blog would be nothing more than a set of facts; not that a set of facts is a bad thing, if it touches people where they “feel.”  List blogging can add interest, by encapsulating what you want to say, into point form. “5 reasons I don’t jump off a cliff!” or “My ten favorite sweet things…”

It occurs to me, that one of the most interesting sides to blogging is the ability to see what other bloggers are saying and commenting on their efforts as well…  Commenting always leaves me with a great feeling for an opportunity to know someone.  Ultimately, they’ll always comment back, and I think it as a big part of the catalyst for motivation on WordPress, and always inspirational!

The trouble is, I’m literally only scratching the surface of what each individual I follow, has to offer on their blogs; a good many articles, photos and videos to be sure.  I got to thinking, one could spend all day just filtering through the stuff to comment on, in one blog alone.  So here’s what I propose to do.  I could take every Saturday, and just review one persons blog; not all of it, but enough to give a fairly detailed report of what’s on it.  I would make a new folder entitled: “Blog Reviews”  So when you find your blog featured, you could copy it and paste it in your “About” folder.  Besides, people seem to appreciate reviews as a way of directing more traffic their way; An entire showcase though!  Now that would be something… I’ve gotta think on that one…

And if there are things that bug me, I’ll speak up about it.  I see nothing wrong with posting a segment on some world affair, as long as I express my opinion about it; just throwing something somebody else did up over word-press is OK if you do it the right way; a list of webpages you like with a short description is a good idea as a for instance.  At the very least, that will keep you searching for web pages you like.  So you get something out of it as well; it’s a win-win situation; you get more traffic to your blog, just by telling them where to go.  Funny how that works, yet it does.

Animal pictures can make your imagination run wild for short stories; just to be sure to include a theme and a moral, climax, and anti-climax.  If I picked Zebras for example, I could come up with all sorts of things: “Why are they all in PJ’s?”  Just Bing search “Funny Zebra Pictures” and you should have no trouble finding all kinds of expressive pictures to build your story around.  It just takes a little imagination to think about the order in which you should group them to make it make sense.  There are all kinds of funny looking creatures out there, so you have an endless supply to choose from.  If you’d like a real hoot, mix them up with Politicians.

Blogs about how you feel about things are some of the most interesting ones out there because they connect with a lot of people who feel the same way.  Not everyone will agree with how you feel, yet freedom of expression, especially “self-expression”, is one of the greatest gifts we own as a free society!  Don’t use it, and it will be taken away…  And of all creatures out there, Man/Woman, is the most interesting one.  Guinness World Book of Records could open up all kinds of “strange but true” facts that you could comment on.  Well, here’s my contribution on the subject:  I notice how some people cleverly build up their category list of subjects they can blog about, so they can just pick one they feel they like for that day.  I do the same thing.  If I get desperate, I’ll go Nano!  LOL!  Cheers!



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