Societal Fractures Revealed

A boy gets a car for his 16th. Birthday.  He celebrates with his friends, who all decide to go for a ride in the new car to get some more beer.  They cross the yellow line, killing all six of themselves, and a young couple they hit head on!  What went wrong?  Why didn’t the message get through not to drink and drive?  Was it parental neglect?  Fate?  Ignorance? False courage?  And we spend many millions of dollars chasing down pot heads?  Why is the law: “All of the law, and nothing but the law”, not drummed into our thick skulls early in our education?  Is it lack of tax payer dollars? Probably; among other things… 

One of those things being, is how we see various activities to begin with.  Do we seriously go to work at Mac. Donald’s, thinking: [I’m gonna make people the tastiest burgers they’ve ever had!], like we see in the commercial?  No.  We do it for the pay cheque; which, if we were to continue flipping burgers, “they” would be all that our pay cheques could afford…  And we all know what happens to people who have to live on burgers for too long.  They buy the farm!  This again figures, cuz cows come from farms.  LOL!  No wonder our youth is so sad.  We under pay them!  And they can’t pay for tuition flipping burgers now can they?  We aren’t always given an educational option; most especially the poor, in this supposed ‘rich” land of ours.

Are we taught a value system first when dealing with the public, or just given an apron, and told to put it on?  Are hands washed before food is prepared etc..  And we haven’t even gotten out of the food section yet, for the insurmountable mountain of shear neglect the public faces, when just shopping for what they want/need!  I just recently went out looking for a flash card for my camera, and most people looked at me like I was making monkey signs in hopes for a banana!  Generally, I was told I’d have to bring the camera in first before they could be sure, and hence lost not just a sale, but a customer.  Dah?  People aren’t being trained for the fields they enter!  Finally, a guy at Staples knew what a Canon 5D was; cuz he was over 30;  I wasn’t greeted by an annoying gum chewer, always going: “I dunno.” for every single question you ask them!  Even: “Where’s the bathroom?” :O(

There is a theory that states the system’s faults happen to occur at the route it self, given where people are promoted to.  This rule or law states that people are promoted to just the position they can’t completely masterNow it doesn’t take a technical wizard to see that this leaves room for flaws, and human error to enter into their performance…  What I’d like to know is, are we hiring people on the basis of their performance, or our own desperate desire to turn over a dollar?  And just what are we investing in but another Mall or Corporation, and we have no shortage of either.

We discover wonderful ideas, yet fail to employ them, repeating past mistakes that will again deliver substandard performance.  We know now, that if we spread out tenement property, raise their standard of living, provide parks, and recreational area, instead of overly crowded cement jungles, crime rate goes down, and educational standards go up!  What’s the first rule of business though; spread out your dollar.  Right?  Get the most out of every cent!  It’s far more profitable for an investor to buy a small area of land, and build a sixteen story bee-hive instead, so that’s what they do…  Perhaps because nobody cared what went on that property to begin with?  Dah!

If we are to continue to progress as a working society, we have to embrace the proper things; such as investing in community affairs so that we have more say in how property is valued, and for what?  Strip bars, coke machines and poisoned foods and beverages?  We’ve “all” got to start learning more about how our communities function, and what we can do to improve them, rather than allowing continuous undesirable factors to move in and take over.  We should take more stake in our fellow-man, and less in playing computer games for one thing.

If we were smart, we’d get together on building each others homes based upon our own ideas of how to live, instead of row on row of identical houses, that go on and on, and all look exactly the same.  We aspire to the diligence our neighbors employ taking care of their lawns, and that’s where we think it ends?  If given the opportunity, we would neither aspire to nor condemn our fellow-man for whom he is, yet we cross the road when we see someone wasting their life away…  So we rise to higher levels of perfection by breeding unlivable conditions?  Undrinkable water?  Everything need not always remain the same if we would all band together, and take appropriate action, and WAKE UP to the VIPERS moving in on us all! (said Arny Schwarzenegger)  LOL!  And yet, oh how so very long things have remained the same….  You know you can no longer say: “As long as it doesn’t affect me!”



2 thoughts on “Societal Fractures Revealed

    • It was my pleasure! You have an interesting blog about things environmental; it’s a practical subject you actually work on! I am of great interest to see where all this goes…

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