Lippo the Love-sick Hippo


This is Lippo.  There was a terrible storm and she and her mate: “Drippo” got separated!  Since that fateful day, over a week ago now, Lippo has been searching for him: “DRIPPO!  WHERE ARE YOU?”  She would call out, faithfully every morning upon awakening…  Yet always to no reply!  So Lippo was one sad, love-sick Hippo!  Who would be there for her to nibble off the mosquitos when they bothered her?  Who would chase the birds and alligators off her back, always looking for a free ride up stream?  She truly felt alone!  And life was hard now…


Every day she wandered off in just any direction, hoping to find her lost love; even if it meant the back of a Mac Donald’s outlet…  But he wasn’t there either…


She even checked the deep blue sea at the aquarium down the street, and still, no Drippo…


She would always have the same recurring dream every night about how they would bask in the sun together, and laugh about the time Lippo got a cold popsicle stuck on her lip; all kinds of lovely memories that they would share…


Even with blinders on, she could not make the dreams go away!   The dreams would just make her wake up sad, and that’s why she always called for him…

A hippo gives a large yawn at the Oregon Zoo

Then on this one particular day when she called out: “TRIPPO!” by mistake, (a previous Lover)…

Hippo Charge

There he was in all his glory!  Drippo had returned!  All the time he had been watching from another swamp, to see if she really cared…  That didn’t matter to her!  He had returned and “that” was the important thing!


At last he could look directly into her love-sick eye, so she opened up for a kiss; realizing because she had never given up on her lost love, he did return!




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