Neanderthals Have Spoken…


Modern language and speech can be traced back to the last common ancestor we shared with the Neanderthals roughly half a million years ago, according to new research.

This is fascinating to me because I’ve always contended that we’re all not so “modern” as we think we are. and that most of it is illusion created by a cultured society.  This guy is exactly what I look like after a few beers…  I could just imagine a brainy conversation too.  Something like this perhaps?

Boo: “Watch Ugh, me throw rock! <FLING… THUMP!>  OK!  You go get!”

Ugh: “I’m not the one who threw the stupid thing!  Go get it yourself!”

What makes me giggle, is that certain University students would most certainly attempt to deny this: [The very idea!  My superior brain pitted against that of an Neanderthal?  Absurd!].  At last, an article that puts me on an even basis with a Banker or a Doctor or a Lawyer…  Maybe leave Lawyers out.  They live in a pretend world anyway; one for which they would design, not preserve.  Here is the URL  Cheers!


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