Wimbledon Wrap-up

Marion Bartoli Sabine Lisicki

The woman on your left is Marion Bartoli.  The name Bartoli smells Italian.  She looks better off court than on for some reason; might be make-up.  Bartoli is short and stalky.  She has a low center of gravity; good for reaching for those low balls.  Where as Sabine Lisicki is a tall and lanky German; good for running around the court, chasing those long shots.  She’s the one who looks like she’s trying to brake a worm in half.  Both their game and the Men’s Final were matches to be remembered for completely different reasons…

Ladies first.  For some reason I just can’t seem to fathom, Lisicki was completely dominated by Bartoli!  She lost the first set so bad: 6 games to 1, that she had to leave the court to go cry and kick the crap out of the woman’s washroom.  When she came back, it was more of the same treatment, loosing her service games, as if stunned, or paralyzed by Bartoli!  I don’t want to laugh, yet an extremely terrorized person looks scary  from the other side; there eyes grow wide with that desperate, helpless look, just before you die, your hair flies back and turns grey.  LOL!

Bartoli easily beat Lisicki in three straight sets.  Near the end of the third set, with Bartoli leading 5 games to 1, Lisicki finally comes to life and battles back to 5 games to four.  It was too late though.  It was Bartoli’s serve next which won her the set and the game.  “Akunamatada!” (No worries)  The audience took pity on her, as did her opponent and the big chief that hands out the trophies.   All in all, a sad performance by Lisicki; maybe she stayed up all night worrying about the game.  There’s a lot of pressure on them to succeed.  So Bartoli wins in 3 straight sets.

Andy Murray Novak Djokovic

Any Murray is a great Tennis Player!  He’s come a long way to get to where he is today.  And the funny thing is, nobody expected it!  He’s fast!  He buzzes around the court sounding very much like a bee; a bee with a stinger.  His serves are massive, clocking in steady around 123 mph., and followed up usually by a punishing forehand delivered from the net.  Murray took Djokovic in straight sets as well…  Well, It’s Wimbledon; Murray’s home turf, London England.  He has to win for England and The Queen of corpse!

Djokovic’s problem was the punishing semi-final against Juan Martin Del Potro (There’s a name for you).  It was the longest match ever played at Wimbledon; 4 hours and 43 minutes!  There was a match back in 1986 between Becker and Lendl that went 4 hours and 12 minutes, yet not like this match!  I was on the edge of my chair throughout the whole thing.  In my opinion, this game was far more intriguing than either of the finals!  Djokovic was just tired out from that brutal semi-final, and Murray knew it!  All he had to do was ware him down and that’s what he did.


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