Photoshop Smell


Here is a screen shot to show you I have Photoshop SC3 Design Premium. which includes Dreamweaver for building Web-Sites!  Well, it hasn’t been activated yet.  Once you get through their serial number, ( from Kellogg’s ), you have to get in the activation door, or the entire suite will close down in 30 days.  I can get in…  I have the activation code.  That’s not what I smell though.  I smell Photoshop CS4!  You see, I have a “Computer Guru!”  He’s pretty handy to have around whenever something is wrong with my computer;  not only that, there are perks! 

This means  I’ll be all set to make more headers and buttons etc..  Not only that, Photoshop has an extensive set of brushes and controls.  I actually especially like Illustrator (Their Vector Program), because what you make their can be sized as large as you like, without loosing resolution, and then can be converted into a jpeg.  Every file format that the suit uses, is convertible, one to another.

I did a little experiment and looked at the screen shot in PaintShop Pro 4x first, and saw the color was all off.  It was all blue!  So much for their very nonprofessional ways, it’s time for me to move up in the world again.  See, that’s another story; I used to have a 2100 mm lens, in the form of a 10 inch Schmidt Cassigran telescope, but my American cousin hawked it to get her piano back.  With that, I could have taken a picture of a readable quarter held from 6 miles away!

Not even waking up tomorrow is guaranteed for you, so don’t miss a moment of your time.  Use it all wisely!  Another problem I have to solve, is getting my computer to take pictures from my camera.  I bought a new flash card for my camera: $113.00.  The next problem I have to solve, is getting the card I did have, out of the card reader slot…  The one I put in backwards…  Dah… 

The future looks bright for me, even that I’m poor…  Here’s a quote from ME: “Never look where you are.  Look where you’re going!”  I know.  I have a brilliant grasp of the obvious…  If I can smell Photoshop CS4 just materialize in mid-air, you most certainly have hope for your future as well. 

True, I had some unfortunate circumstance befall me.  Even so, look to your future always!  Save for your career regardless of what it is you love to do.  Never take anyone else’s advice on that score, but your own.  There is definitely the smell of Photoshop CS4 in the air though!   And BLAH, BLAH, BLAH ,BLAH…  LOL!


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