Simcoe Clouds


I am proud to present these images to you, taken not too far from where I live.  Above is a perfect example of the effect placing extracted objects into your own pictures can have!  I made the planet myself.  I extracted the prehistoric birds from an image.  These are not just pictures; because I have Lightroom 5 now, I can add some color.  The idea is to actually paint with color!  The idea is to make your colors “POP” out at you.

The human eye can discern over 22 million colors!  If you make colors stand out in your pictures, we can and do recognize every singly color variation; this in turn adds interest to the picture.  Just be careful of color casts when using a lot of color.  When you expose dark shadows to the light, they tend to become grainy looking. 

You counter balance that In Lightroom by softening the color and luminosity; this in turn also makes for smooth waters and skies.  To this I add saturation, clarity and sharpness when needed.  It truly can make otherwise complacent looking pictures come to life!  These may not look as vibrant over The Internet as they do in Lightroom.  They’re colorful enough to prove my point though :O)


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