I See the Future

UN Nuclear Disarmament

So, in other words, they’re calling for more nuclear reinforcements.  This doesn’t look good to me at all!  I know the future. Somehow, I can just see things…  Mostly my own puny future, but at times, I see that some of these worldly events are leading us into a disaster… Even Mark Chapman (The guy who killed John Lennon), said that he was choosing between killing Lennon, and blowing up a small city with a nuke!  How long’s it gonna be before one of these nut-bars out there actually blows up a city?  And the U.N. will be indirectly responsible!

Whatever America tries to thwart, that’s who I see causing the world more problems…  It’s like igniting a fire-cracker; once you’re initiated the catalyst (a match), a whole cascade of fireworks will go off!  And I see once America sticks its big nose into mid-eastern affairs, that’s the catalyst that will eventually ignite world war III…  The United Nations just wheels too much power for my liking.  It’s like when you tell a youngster not to touch a stove burner; then that’s the first thing they want to do. Mark my words. War is coming.  And it’s coming soon…

Please understand.  I am not “predicting” world events. I am not a Psychic.  I am simply observing how the pendulum seems to be shifting.  There’s so much turmoil in the world right now, I would be surprised if somebody didn’t set off a nuke.  I think the clock of human extermination is set to 5 minutes to midnight.  I would be on the alert to these signs if I were you.


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