My First Painting


Here is my very first painting (Don’t laugh. OK?), I just now completed in Corel Painter IX.  Actually, I had this for about a month now, and decided today that I had to add the tree, flowers and grass blades, because the hill looked just like a baron, empty, lump!  You can download this from here and should get something 1024 x 768.  I don’t know if you can make out the features in this somewhat tiny representation, but I’ll try.  I made the canvas myself.  The mountains, I made with of brush size of about 7.

I accomplished the wave work using a “blender brush” from the “Blenders” category of brushes (Blenders mix one color paint in with another.  So I made an actual wave effect in the foreground, just under the big wave.  Detailed work is a breeze with blenders, when using a Wacom Drawing Tablet.  Mine is 9″ x 12″ but the surrounding frame and controls make it big.  The screen portion is plenty big enough to work with.  You might want to disable the controls on the right hand side of the tablet, because it’s very easy to rest your right hand there and activate one of them.  On the left side I set the usual work set of Alt, Ctrl, and Shift.  The long strip, I use to magnify the screen.

In point of fact, I’ve read the Artist Tablet book by Cher Pendarvis, and The Painter Wow book.  Corel is Painter is a very extensive Canadian made program; each virgin will only get better and better.  I think they have Painter XI or XII out now…  Definitely worth the money!  However, there is another way:  You can download it free, with the license number, using a Torrent program.  There’s a BIG risk that viruses can come with these programs!  I always check for viruses both before and after unzipping the package.  And I use the Torrent program very sparingly.

The effect I used only on the tree foliage and flower centers is called imposts.  This in effect means placing one layer of paint on top of another.  I got this effect simply by making swirls with my brush…  “An Impasto” brush.  There are many categories of brushes in the program: Pencils, Pencil crayons, crayons, Air-Brush, Calligraphy, Art Pen brushes, chalk, pastels, acrylics, Impasto, Ink, Charcoal, water colors, digital water colors, Goucho, pallet knives, erasers, oils, and Artist Oils specifically used with “The Mixers Pallet” 

There you can mix paints and save the palate for future use.  There are an endless set of setting for each brush and controls at a top menu incase you need to refine them more.  Always choose the arrow beside the brush category on top menu, and choose “Restore Brush Variant” when you’re through so the brush remains how it was originally set.  You can make your own categories, but there’s a trick to that, for another post.

The sky, I painted in with my air-brush pen.  I simply made a plain, blue, background, and sprayed the white clouds in with the “Fine Air-brush” variant.  I was shocked!  I sprayed the whole thing in like, 5 seconds…  Totally amazing brush I’ve yet to find all the secrets of just yet.  I used the “grip pen” for this piece, simply because it fits very comfortably in your hand.  Whenever you go into Painter, and this is an absolute must.  You must go into the menu:  Edit/Preferences/Brush Tracking, and just make a curving set of humps across the screen it gives you, so the program can adapt to your motions.  So what do you think.  It’s no Rembrandt, yet not bad for a first attempt, I’d say.  I rather like it myself… 


4 thoughts on “My First Painting

    • Well that’s just what I’m looking for is some honest, constructive, criticism. Yet, it’s not enough just to know that the tree is wrong there, I must know why; is it the technique I use to make trees? Is it too imposing? Does it look out of place? What is your professional opinion? I just gots ta know!

  1. I really like this painting…I hope I can try one someday…and as for the tree, it’s cute there…I like it with or without the tree..

    • Pauline! As usual, you go right to the heart of my problem… I put the tree in afterwards because I thought it looked a little bare without it. Thank you for your cheery comment. Cheers!

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