I’ve Got a Natural Love


I’m putting this in the Songs and Poems category, for what is love but a song and a poem?  And I thought it would be a good way to start out the category.  All the “Drama Queen” posts tell you one thing; she’s a very emotional girl.  Quite frankly, my friends don’t like her, so they’re trying to break us up…  Typical…  Yet I love her too much for that to happen.  Also typical…  Lovers have been running off together since they first shared an apple together (The Bible doesn’t specify that it was an apple BTW…  There goes another bubble! “POP!”). I made the picture full size, though it doesn’t show here so you can download it and color it in if you want to.  Well, it gives you something to do…  Some of us could very well turn into a coffee pot!

I tried to pick out a photo that show-cases what she closely resembled when she was young, and you already know what I look like.  I don’t have anything of her online right now, though she was stunningly beautiful!  Outrageously gorgeous!  A phenomenal knock out!  Need I say more.  The trouble is, she becomes very insecure with my friends around.  When I push them out of the picture though, she suddenly blossoms into a beautiful woman again; when we’re about to kiss, she looks up at me with those same, trusting, puppy dog, eyes of my puppy love.  And we don’t just hold each other, we melt into one-another.  We truly become one entity: “Darrelles”  Her nose used to get in the way when we first kissed, but somehow, it doesn’t anymore.

Leslie, comes from a rich background, but they rejected her because of her fire-bug nature.  She always got into mischief!   She’s just extremely inquisitive, and I’m sorry guys, it is true that some men are challenged by intelligent women.  It just so happens I’m not, and in fact prefer them over idiots!  She cleans house like a meticulous cat would clean to the point of hacking up a fur ball!  She literally just radiates her love for me; in a look or a wink or something all the time…  It’s almost creepy, yet kind of nice at the same time.  You know?  And we are always hugging and kissing…  We’re very passionate; always engaged in an all-consuming fire…  That’s why I’m here.  I have to cool off!  After this, it’s a cold shower!  I’m, I’m… in her spell :O/

I call her my: “Pushkin”, with big, strong, manly, Russian accent…  Sometimes, I’ll fool around and call her: “Natasha”, and then say: “Sorry Pushkin.  It was a little mistake…” And she will giggle.  The refined are not allowed to laugh.  That’s too uncouth!  One must giggle with one hand slightly covering the mouth.  The inside of your throat is no view for a rich man!  LOL!  She loves the simple things; flowers, fun times, a little romance, a whole lot of cash, and presto, the perfect team.  We will love each other forever and always, never to part…  She needs me!  You know?


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Natural Love

  1. Wow im impressed at your “words of endearment” with respect to your lifestyle and partner choices. you make it sound Richly rewarding to be with the lady your with. Good for you two!

    • Good! See? Your comments are always like a gage to me; I always get an idea from you how people are taking to my posts out there! Do you know I reached 50 views now? 50! A lot of that is your help Melissa, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my bowels, for such a beautiful response… Thank you!!

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