I can’t stand…

1) I can’t stand that scratching sound on a chalk-board; it goes right up my spine and makes me quiver!

2) I can’t stand it when somebody yawns, and doesn’t cover their mouth… Thanks! Now I have to yawn too…

3)I can’t stand waiting in line at parties, to go to the bathroom.

4) I can’t stand eating something that somebody just hands you. Perhaps your well-being is not in their best interest.

5) I can’t stand waiting an hour in February for a bus that just drives right by you (frantically waving your arms), as if you weren’t even there.

6) I can’t stand waiting over 45 minutes for a meal in a restaurant. Hello? I’m there because I’m hungry…

7) I can’t stand living in damp, moldy basements; there’s this black fungus that grows in that environment, and if you inhale their spores, it can kill you.

8) I can’t stand customer services that keep you listening to elevator music for half an hour!

9) I can’t stand this stupid life of endless, fruitless, pointless, hopeless CRAP we all have to suffer every, single day.

10 I am sick and tired of rude, thoughtless, inconsiderate, butt-in-skis that don’t know their place in line!

11) Sometimes I just want to tear the heads off of people who don’t properly leash their children to them so they can’t wander away. There aught to be a law!

12) Gag me with a spoon when people up-chuck in your car. That’s so uncool!



4 thoughts on “I can’t stand…

    • That’s why I like doing these; at least one of them always touches someone. And when people know others understand them, they’re somehow, not so alone in the world anymore.

  1. Totally in tune with number 10. I never understood why so many people think they are experts on my life. I don’t even get me, and I’ve spent a lot more time with me.

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