Change The World


Why not start a project…  No, I mean like a HUGE project and then get a lot of others to believe in what you want to do enough to want to help; let’s see now…  It would have to be something that’s beneficial to everyone.  Here’s some examples: Sunlight, Oxygen, Water, Illicit drugs…  And it would have to be like a kind of: “Pay it Forward kind of thing; I get three people to believe in my idea, who gets three people, who gets three people, and so on, until we have enough people to take over Wal-Mart, if absolutely necessary!

We do live in an age where talking about something we want, doesn’t materialize it for us, out of thin air anymore.  Let’s face it!  If you want something done these days, you need backing, experience, real cash (Not Monopoly money),insight, a plan, ideas, direction…  In short, you may need a little more assistance than what you can provide for yourself.

Picture how much better a world this would be: “if we all work together as a team!” (Pink Floyd).  Say for instance, that a large group of Carpenters (called a Union) got together and decided to build each other’s houses for free?  It would be like stone soup: “Please sir, I’m building a house.  Do you I have a spare brick?  Awe but don’t forget, all your fellow enthusiast house builders are all out asking for spare bricks too.  And before you know it, one castle is built…  I know I sound delusional…

Lettuce Prey :

Our Daddio; Howard in Heaven.  Give us display, and a Sony Walkman!

Lead us not into starvation, 

And forgive us for our Press Passes;

Give us money…  Forever and ever,

Thanks a lot!

I got a small team together and formed a new band: “The Decrepits”  You may hear from us one day when we come out of hibernation.  You know?  And what we all should be doing here is recommending ourselves to each other…  If everyone put up one post a week of just 5 favorite blogs, we’d all be visiting each other in a month!  Do you have any idea how many people frequent WordPress?  If you find out, let me know.  OK?  I know it’s over a million.  And we should leave longer comments…  Not just “Nice!” or “Oooo!”  What about an Internet Rugby team :O)


2 thoughts on “Change The World

  1. i think its unrealistic to demand that ppl leave longer posts if a short comment was submitted here. You need the feedback for sure but it needs to be drawn out of ppl by bending their will to do what you want instead of expecting more from your audience of readers. I like the subject matter prefrences you make.

    • I wasn’t referring to myself Melissa. I get plenty of replies here that are plenty long enough. It’s when I go to the “Reader” and see other peoples blogs where they’ve put out so much effort to do what they do and get these little, tiny, could barely be bothered comments…

      Maybe it’s over-kill; could be that there’s so much art out there, that people are becoming picky and descencatising themselves to it…. I dunno. It happened with violence on TV.

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