Extraordinary Concepts in Art




Matt Furie might be this guy above, or it might be the Artist…  I would assume it’s the  artist.  I just found this on Tumblr (another blog I just joined). and wanted to share it with you…  This is what we could one day look like, if we want to be happy.  LOL!  I was just laughing at it at first, but then I thought about how they’re fooling around with our genes, and realized it’s a distinct possibility that you could meet one these guys somewhere in time…  

I really wanna check this guy’s work out because I’m gonna be doing stuff like this soon enough, so I might just as well learn it first hand…  I even think this is what we could really look like on the inside; some of us.  I mean, after my birthday bash yesterday, I may not quite look like this, but I sure feel this way inside…

I heard too that they can turn on certain genes from our cave man past, and even alter existing genes accentuate certain feature and to muffle other ones…  I’m telling you he can be erected!  We have the technology to build him now!  I say, let’s get together in a scientific frenzy of mutated slaves we can bring with us to do our shopping and stuff.  Or, if we’re to tired to work one day, we just send in our idiot in our steed.  I just doubt they’d issue them a driver’s license, that’s all.  There’s always scooters…


5 thoughts on “Extraordinary Concepts in Art

  1. I really like your creating style, fantastic information, appreciate it for placing up . “In university they do not let you know that the greater component of the law is learning to tolerate fools.” by Doris Lessing.

    • Certainly people with the best of intentions leave other people dead; some sociopaths for example, think they’re doing the world a favor by killing off Prostitutes. I mean, do they have to be so drastic? What’s wrong with a chastity belt and a key? LOL!

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