_MG_1440Nasakoot turned out to present some unusual conditions on the day we went.

It rained most of the day.  Yet as the weather cleared, it began to reveal it’s true splendor.

The sun was setting, so I had to work quickly! 

With the skillful hands of a brain surgeon, I carefully erected my tripod…

With the anticipation of a lap dog, I pulled out my camera…  I just couldn’t believe it had gone from so dismal to so breath-takingly stunning within a mater of minutes!  I snapped each picture as if it were my last; feeling each moment as if Mother Nature and Father Cosmos were one with tiny, me!  I began feverishly snapping everything in sight, and came up with these 9 crumby pictures… We even caught some fish there.  Just bass, but a nice size for a bass…

Once again, to get to Nasakoot, you go 350 kms. approx. from Toronto, heading north on highway 11.  All I can tell you is, it’s at a small bridge passed Magnetawan but before Sudbury.

Just as a side note:  I won’t be blogging today because it’s my birthday.  I’m 61 now.  Yay! ” Time for a few pints!” I’d say…


2 thoughts on “Nasakoot

  1. your pictures are spectacular…I hope you have a super birthday…you are still young….61, you’re almost catching up with me…lol…

    • Hi Pauline! I’m so clad you stopped by… You were the only one. I guess now I know who my friends are… It’s so great to here from you as always! Thank you Pauline! May I call you Paul? lol! Anyway, I don’t feel old anymore, just painful; I’m into exercise now. It seems to help… How is everything with you? Well I trust.

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