Mitchel’s Lake

_MG_1476bOh I’ve finally gone and done it boy!  I feel quite triumphant.  Last night, against my better judgment, I could stand this humiliation no more.  So I took a big gamble and I downloaded a bit torrent program, downloaded Lightroom 5. and checked it out for viruses, and it was clean.  It came with the serial number; they sometimes don’t. 

From there I reedited all the files (38) of Mitchel’s Lake.  And I have to say: “This is more like it!”  Look at how colorful yet clean the picture looks!  Now, at last, they can stand out how I meant them to!  I AM SPARTACUS!  Just look at the difference from that cheap skate PaintShop Pro garbage collector I was using… Now I’m using a much more powerful color scheme.  Finally, it all works…

There was one small glitch that stumped me half the night, making me look for not existent files…  Lightroom works differently from most other programs.  It has no “save” feature in the file menu, having no idea that the program automatically saves files when you make a new category.  In fact, I can’t get out of my category, until I make another category.  I now proudly present: Mitchel’s Lake.

This is our best fishing spot.  You take highway 48 to Highway 12 North, then you go two stop lights past McDonald’s on your left, and turn right, traveling for about fifteen minutes.  Then you’ll pass through the town of Kirksfield. Just on the other side of town on your left hand side is a bridge with a dirt road beside it.  Take that road down under the bridge.  That’s your fishing spot…

One must be prepared for the worst, yet also for the best…  I’d be very interested to know if you don’t think these are way better than before.  Oh I’m just so pleased with myself.  I may even download Photoshop CS3.  I have the silly thing here, it’s just a complicated set up process; they’re very security conscious, you need a bomb to get in!


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