More Buttons

Small Icons 2

Here is a good assortment of small web buttons I made, you can circular select.  There are lots of symbolic ones here and some with small pictures inside.  When you just need something fast, this is a good file to choose from…  Keep in mind, they can easily be duplicated as well.

Mixed Balls 1

Here are some  more round balls.  You seem to like these for some reason or other…


I can’t promise that this entire set will all be perfectly round, elliptical or perfectly square.  Never the less, they are still extractable.  And if you’re willing to put in the effort, I have some real gems for you…

Object Rings

I know.  Not so easy to extract these.  There is, never-the-less, a tool for just such a purpose.  The “Magnetic Selection” tool, places a straight like from mouse click to mouse click.  The blue, diamond gem I made above, would be very easy to select with this tool; just be sure to double click when you get back to the beginning.  This will turn your selection into a parade of “marching ants”, ready for extraction.


If you’re using an extraction tool, you can “buffer” your selection by using a wide brush that completely covers anything extruding from your selection; like the antennas on the lady bugs above for example. 

JinxFX Buttons 2

I’m certain with a little practice at 300 % magnification, and you should be able to extract almost anything.  At first, slowly.  Speed will come in time.  Everything here are my own creations you may use as you wish.  Personally, I like the chess logo :O)

JinxFX Buttons

For the crescent moons, just make a circular selection, then delete any background inside the circle with your magic wand…


I hope you will find some of these useful.  I think the ultimate experience, would be to make your website in Dreamweaver, using Fireworks to light up your buttons!  I’ve done it before, and it’s not very complicated at all.  The ones above are in an off state right now.  You’ll need to make a duplicate and recolor it to make it look lit up.  That’s your “On State.” Then you make a duplicate that looks depressed for your “Click State”, and there you have a button that only needs a URL to go to…

Rings 2

Oh look!  More round ones!  LOL!   Cheers! 


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