Hello friends!

Hello friends!  Are you feeling tired and listless?  Are you falling asleep in your breakfast?  You need “Blitz Razz Nubile!  Drink this elixir at the surprisingly low price of $49.95, and instantly, tiny electrons rejuvenate your entire body for up to 8 hours!  If you just want a finger to twitch, just sniff the cap.  WOW!  What a reaction!  Hurry down to our “one for the price of two” sale! or call us FREE at : Shyster 9-9999!  Be the first one to call and receive our FREE, handy, dandy milk bag opener!

Side effects may include delirium, vomiting, dizziness, temper tantrums, twitching, spasms, depression, night sweats, cramps, reparatory arrest, and or coma and death.

From your friendly makers of Vitalis Hair and Head grease.


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