The Drama Queen

I’m really sorry to lay this all on you, but this effects the way I blog, so I thought it better I fill you in on the details, so you can better understand my life as it is now! <SOB!>  And honest engine, I’m not trying to rig the election for best blogger in my favor! <WIMPER!> (If you can believe that line of horse puckie?).  Just a sec.  I have to blow my nose. <SNARK!!!>  I can hardly breathe right now: “I’m All Shook Up!” (Elvis Presley.)

I am with someone right now who claims she’s a witch!  A good, white witch, but a witch!  She also claims that there are ghosts with her wherever she goes.  She is constantly crying, goes into fits of rage, and smashes things, can’t walk without falling, spills everything she drinks or eats, and brought her slob son with her, and all his friends…  That wasn’t in the contract; <SNIFF!> 

I’m sorry, but it’s hard to think like a comedian when you’re under a witches spell, OK?  I wake up, and am a nervous wreck inside half an hour!  And she won’t leave me alone all day; constantly interrupting me, every 5 minutes with some kind of emotional out-burst or other.  <SNARK!!!>  And she’s full of orders… <HICK-UP!>  Just one year with her, and I’m a wreck!  <YAWN!>

I have the situation in hand however. <BLINK>  It’s going to take a couple of months (If I don’t crumble to dust by then), but I’m going to move in with some friends.  Then, in a month more, I’ll be back to my old ridiculous self.  In the mean time <SNARK!!!>, sorry I’m not funny…  <SNARK!!!> <BURFF!!> <HICK-UP! HICK-UP!! HICK-UP!!!>



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