I had a dream

It started out, I had to bury a long standing grudge…  Well, he was always standing by my bed, and made me nervous.  So I got up (in my dream), got a shovel, took the grudge by the hand, took him out back and buried him there.  He was a big grudge too!  Not exactly co-operative…

Then my dream switched over, and again I woke up in my dream.  This time in a cold sweat, and to a knock at the door.  I stumbled my way to the front door and peered it open a notch.  There was this delivery guy with a big crate beside him.  So I opened the door and asked:  “What is this?”  And the man said: “I have A Case of The Screaming Me Meez” for you, special delivery, if you’ll just sign here.

As I signed my life away, I could here these sounds coming from the case: “ME!  ME ME!  MEEE! ME! ME! ME, ME!”  So I thanked the guy, brought the case inside and opened the lid to see what these Me Meez looked like, and suddenly they jumped out of the box (about 50 of them; they looked like muscular toads with long wrinkled necks) and began running all over the place!  They were slippery, so I couldn’t catch them. 

Each one grabbed a possession of mine or other and wouldn’t let go of it, always yelling: “ME! ME! ME!”  So what could I do?  They wouldn’t give them back.  I gave up everything to A Case of The Screaming Me Meez!  So I sent them back a Yo-Yo!  Hoy!  What does this dream mean?  How would you interpret it?



3 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. I think you need to get away from home more often and for longer periods of time. Do some exploring and have your mind focused on nature and photography. biking walking boating travelling do it all.

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