Georgina Island


I know.  Not exactly a luxury liner.  Still, it Ferries a capacity of about 20 vehicles.  There’s a small passenger hold on your left, where the life rafts are hanging;  Enough to save four (4) people.  LOL!  Georgina Island is just off the mainland near Keswick Ontario.  It’s about a 20 minute ride, so it picks up and drops off from either side, about once ever hour.  That’s good service.  It’s a big Island too!

The Island is run by an Indian Reservation.  It has a convenience store, just up the hill from where the boat docks.  Remnants of local Indian Huts are on a trail.  It will be in the gallery.  The Island itself stretches about 22 kms.  long and about 6 kms. wide.  It has a thriving Indian population and even has it’s own radio station.  A very pleasant and somewhat peaceful place all in all.  And the natives are friendly;  They only take scalps on a Saturday night.  LOL!


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