Nominees for best blogs (Part 2)

For my 8th. nominee, I nominate: “Baily Boat Cat” because it gives instructive information about sailing, except for one thing; everything seems to be from the cat’s point of view.  It’s a clever site that way for all you cat lovers…  There’s some interesting categories too like: ‘Confessions.”

For my 9th. nominee, I nominate “skpfoto”  The site above focuses on Photography around the Portland/Seattle area.  Excellent photos, good explanations, and tutorial information.  It has a nice sleek, black background, and a good set of menus; check out the Gallery menu…

For my 10th. nominee, I nominate this person above here.  LOL!  He puts out pertinent information about how to take full advantage of your stats for instance.  It’s a very well written, instructional blog.  He/she gives no name or menus, yet the blog itself seems to keep me glued there!

For my 11th. nominee, I nominate Ming Thein;  I can’t begin to say enough!  This is a special nominee, not only for the excellent photography and tutorials, but for the slick, and loaded sets of menu selections from page to page.  This blog is fairly new, yet promises an invaluable warehouse of information for anyone photography minded at all!  This is a must see…

For my 12th. nominee, I nominate Christine;  Christine’s blog is fairly new and yet she has accomplished a lot!  She is a giving, caring person with a unique “Bucket List” theme to her blog.  I just get this high energy, inspirational feeling visiting her adventures through this life.  Add to this, she’s loaded with visitors and comments;  An A+ blog!

For my 13th. nominee, I nominate: “Source of Inspiration”, above;  For those who don’t want to do a whole lot of reading, he give, short concise, inspirational messages.  Add these all up and it amounts to much good advice through life, if not, a somewhat philosophical approach.

For my 14th. and final nominee, I nominate Gracie at “Frames and Focus.”  I nominate her for her photographic abilities and potential to keep improving.  Check out her Portfolio menu.

Take a boo at these sites, and see what you think for yourselves…  In a way, I hope they all win :O)




8 thoughts on “Nominees for best blogs (Part 2)

    • It’s pretty exciting! Isn’t it? It’s the anticipation that gets to me. Better to go on as if nothing had happened at all: That’s a motto I follow: “No expectations breed no disappointments.”

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