Nominees for next best blogs

I would nominate Zack:

As far as I can see, he consistently produces good pictures to present.  He’s a hard worker that aims to please.  So I nominate Zack, because of the wonderful pictures he has taken with just an IPhone…  Good site, I highly recommend…

Second: I nominate Harsh reality: Opinionated Man:  This man is a very interesting read all the time…  He says it like it is, and I also appreciate the style of his blog; it contains a kind of fiery orange that suggests adventure to begin with…

3rd: I nominate Renard Reneau:  He is an outstanding poet and a very resourceful blogger; always having pertinent topics and music etc..  He puts out a major effort and I believe he deserves mention. and pros concerning such people as Emily Dickenson

4th.  I nominate “The Daily Post'”  It’s just too bad I can’t find one right now.  This however, is a fabulous blog for creating ideas that other bloggers can follow.  I believe it sets a president for ideas in the construction of blogs, and therefore is an asset to me and all of my fellow bloggers.  This is stated without dispute…

5th. “Paper Paint and Pixie Dust:  I believe this blog to be truly artistic, in that it produces live sketches and complimentary Artwork that “is” original, and therefore recommended by me for it’s superlative design and instruction.

6th.  I represent Sandra’s blog: because of her unique concepts concerning photography.  She not only has a good eye, but uses it where it counts; almost as though she created it instead of merely photographing a scene.  I enjoy her creativeness!

7th.  Through the luminary lens:!/read/blog/id/45225407/  I just have a feeling about him, both through his blog and talking to him, that there’s more than even meets the eye here.  I like his photography, and I only see him improving…

These are my nominees for good bloggers, and in my opinion, they all present their topics well!  If I could pick a favorite, it would be: “The Daily Post”, simply for it’s excellent service, keeping this site running, considering brilliant ideas for blogging and interesting comments; this wins hands down!  For second place, I’d pick Zack for his consistency producing excellent photographs world-wide…  Renard is consistent with literary blogs, so it’s hard to say.

Mind you, I very much like the site of the girl who nominated me, I just think it would have been too obvious to mention her; even that her sense of humor is wild, and off the map…  I just believe she doesn’t need my support.  She’s got more down pat in her life than I’ll ever see…  Cheers!  Oh Heck!  I can’t help myself:



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