I didn’t even know I would like to run, when I first started two years ago.  Then, I was 6′ 2″ and 240 lbs.  I’m still 6′ 2″.  Thank You God!  Now I weigh 185 lbs.  That’s my target weight for my height.  Two years ago, I was taking pills for my high blood pressure.  I don’t take them any more.

Two and a half years ago, I had quite the pouch on me!  I noticed everyone around me was getting buff, and I wasn’t.  I wasn’t buff!  It was really like a call back for me from my childhood to run all the time.  However, I knew I was in a dangerous place, and as much as I tried to ignore the fact that I had to get buff…  It was more my fear of gaining more weight than anything else that prompted me to walk a mile a day.  Then, it was in the winter time.  Then, it was cold enough out that it was inevitable that I would run, just to keep warm in the cold.

However, if I was going to do this, I was going to go all the way and research the subject full.  This included diet, not only cutting down on portion sizes, but cutting out red meat, salt and sugar.  For salt, I use sea salt, plus I cut way down.  I don’t lager it on anymore!  And for sugar, I changed over to honey.  Sugar causes 147 things to go wrong in your body, where-as honey, is even anti-bacterial.

I began to jog, as well as eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, and the pounds just melted off like butter (figuratively speaking), because about a mouth later, half the weight I lost came back on! What was I doing wrong?  I did leg pulls every day for warm ups.  I did body stretches (Yoga), and could jog with the best of them.  Well, first of all, I hadn’t made my portions small enough, and secondly, jogging was the wrong approach.  I had surpassed jogging, yet stayed in the category.  It wasn’t until about 6 months ago, I lessened my portions and began to run 17 minutes, every 2 days, and lifting weights every off day that I ran.  Then the weight came off and stayed off!

Here’s how.  You run as fast as you can (beginners, start with walking, and don’t jog for at leat 3 months.  And then, you still are restricted to a mile for another 3 months, always stretching your leg back while holding onto a telephone pole, after you’ve walked for 5 minutes to warm up, and hold that stance on each leg for 20 seconds.  That stretches your calves.  Then, pull up your leg behind your back, and grab your heal for 20 seconds.  This stretches your upper front leg muscles.

It’s important that you do those to prevent leg pain.  Then when you get home, pull your toes in front of you for 20 seconds on each foot.  This also helps with the pain of over-doing it; which you may as well talk to rabbit as people.  Only every second day, only that much, and nothing more for a year.  Now you’re ready to add-on lifting weights in-between runs, after a year.

You will have up to two minutes between each run, although, I never take longer than 30 seconds to catch my breath before I can run again.  At first, it will be breath-taking…  Well, it always will be.  You must get used to that again as you did when you were a child.  What will this do?  Many things!

I take alo-vera for about a month (every day), once per year, to clean out toxins from my boby: I take an adult vitamin for old people, Vitamin B 100’s for added energy, Co-Q10, at least 100 mgs for your heart., 2 grams of vitamin C to help undo prior toxic damage, Gloucosamine for the caralidge in-between joints, Milk thistle for my liver (Cuz sometimes I dwink a wittle beer!) and Omega 3 for my brain.

It will make you tenacious to keep running because, you become strong like bull, and the running itself calls to you, as would a wandering mistress!  I have more work to do on myself as well.  Posture for example.  I’m a born slouch, so I like to type, because it has a set of posture rules: Feet flat on the floor in front of you, back straight.  And sorry.  For now, I can’t position my fingers on the lumpy “J” and type, without Clanazopam…  I don’t have any right now, so I’m one, huge earthquake until tomorrow…  Take care of your bodies, and they’ll take care of you, for a long time to come yet if, and only if, you exercise your mind as well.  But that’s another post…



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