Butterflies and Moths

These pictures of Butterflies and Moths are over 30 years old!  I had to blow the dust off the CD!  They were all very grainy, faded in color, and had a sepia tone to them.  So I fixed them all up for you.  Much better.  These are worth keeping!  Enjoy…


7 thoughts on “Butterflies and Moths

  1. Fantastic photos of butterflies and moths! I am making colouring book artwork (see my black and white blog at wildersoul.wordpress.com) and would love to use these to turn into colouring book pics! Are they truly free to use? Please let me know!

    • I really don’t see Corel suing you over 30 year old pictures that don’t nearly live up to the quality Corel produces today. I doubt these would come up now if you searched Corel for pictures. Try it, and see what comes up… It would surprise me if they’re still putting them out. I bought these pictures back then; they belong to me now. Ask Corel for permission to use them. They’ll probably make you an offer :O)

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