Rich Man Poor Man

Rich man

The rich man is smart!  He plans his future out well, with practical step by step goals to achieve his own success.  He’s dressed for success!  You can almost smell the money wafting off of him!  He has worked hard to get a good education, sought out a reputable Firm, where he could flourish and grow…


Not the poor man though;  no, he has chosen to just fold his hands and live a life of rest and relaxation!  Our poor man here, doesn’t care if he gets a good education or not…


Pretty soon, rich men have so much money, they can afford to just give away gifts like this, as if they didn’t even care!


And what does our poor man plan to do?  Nothing!  He’s not listening and thinks the whole thing one big joke!


A rich man is free to come and go with as many women as he pleases, and this is quite acceptable in society.


When a poor man marries, he is stuck with a chain around his neck, leading a life of drudgery, and pain…

rich-men-hot-women-23Before you know it, our rich man has all the women he could ever ask for…  The poor man thinks the rich man is just pretending to be smart while he walks a crooked, and dishonest path…


Just try to ask the poor man what 2+2 equals, and this is what you’ll get!


Yet when it comes to a night out on the town with the guys, he has no trouble coming to a decision at all!  Hmmmmm….


Our rich man continues to play…


Not the poor man.  He has a family to raise!  He didn’t even know what hit’m!


Sometimes the poor man must give up one of his off-spring to a foster family, just so he can eek out a living!


Meanwhile, our rich man continues to prosper…


The poor man now weak from hunger and despair, is finally resembling Albert Einstein, yet even now,  he knows very little!  It’s suddenly not so funny anymore?  Just judging by these graphic images alone, which one would you rather be?  Rich man?  Or  Poor man?  And why?


4 thoughts on “Rich Man Poor Man

  1. makes me think of King Soloman. Riches and women? or is there really diseases and debt ? in the end true love of monogamy for a poor couple would have been better than STD’s for the rich.

    • OK. What’s STD’s? Are you trying to make a monkey out of me? LOL!

      Yes, the poor are more subject to disease, most especially due to poor nutrition, unsanitary living conditions, financial stress, the babies crying, the phone’s ringing, someone’s knocking at the door! ARRRRRGGG!

  2. I sort of want to be the poor man and enjoy life and just be but that doesn’t mean I’m not smart, just choose my time, my priorities. For instance I would be happier writing and reading on my day off and volunteering now and then instead of working ONLY to make money. Fortunately, I work in what I love…and gave up the $$ paying job moons ago. Great post and thanks for visiting my blog too:)

    • You are very wise! No amount of money can buy working at what you love :O) With money comes responsibilities. Some folks have always been poor and fail to recognize this. Thank you for the boo into your life. Hope to see you again Cheryl! Cheers!

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