Depth of Field


About twenty (20) years ago, I started experimenting mirroring a design over and over, until a completed circle is formed. Trouble was, they were just black outlines… They had no pizzaz, no life, and most importantly, they lacked dimention. They were all flat.


So, I paistakingly colored each part in myself.  At that time, I had this neat water filter I was experimenting with, and so I came up with these.


Don’t get me wrong.  In those days, this stuff was harder to do!  I’d think every color is filled in perfectly, magnify the thing 500 times and find all these pixals that had to be adjusted everywhere.  The anti-aliasing wasn’t perfect then, some colors would bleed into others (gaps in the design lines.)  OIY!  It would take me hours just to do one…


They all came out so beautiful though.  And so I became locked into making these things; for whatever reason, I wondered…  Yet I just enjoyed making them so much and thought I’d have a reason to share them one day, so here you go.


This is how they look without the water reflections.


This is one of my favorite ones, just because of the wonderful depth of field it creates…  It’s almost as though you can measure the exact distance to the wall when you blur the design in the front.  And the front stands out when you blur the back.  It all comes down to blurring.


And here’s an example of how to make the front stand out, by blurring the back.


I started making planetary bodies as well, so they entered the scenes.


Then of corpse I had to check out Dragons…


Why did I make these?  More likely you should ask how I could avoid it…  Look at these beauties!  What if you were to frame one and put it on the wall of your big castle picture.  Tasteful art is hard to come by.  I DON’T WANNA PRESSURE YOU!  CABLE GUY!  CABLE GUY!


Thank you for your journey into my wonderful world of : “What the &%^%! is this?


If you have any questions, don’t ask me…  I just enjoyed making them is all.  I hope you’ll like them too…


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