Artistic Compositions


LOL! I thought it only fair that if I gave you the extracts of all those funny looking characters, I should at least show you what I did with some of them myself. There’s much more to these than meets the eye, and I will explain as I go. These are 1280×960.  See where it says: “” up top?  If there’s any advice I could possibly give you at this point is, DON’T go to News Groups…  They are down right cruel in this place!  “Larex” would pretend to be on your side while he stabs you in the back…

I finally decided I wasn’t going to take their CRAP from them any longer.  So I got into a war with this one guy, and his friend: Scott Witherspoon.  Anyway, it was so intense, they were asking me: “Darrell!  Why are you doing this?”  Maybe because they were so corrupted.  Maybe the disgusting names they adapted.  They invaded our Depression News Group, which were filled with people helpless to their attacks…  Anyway, Scott died from it!

Sally O'Malley

So here is the cause of it all.  Sally O’Malley!  She was pretending to be our friend on the depression group. Then she’d go back to, and report to them, everything that was going on! Then they invaded, disbanding the depression group. I gave her such a tongue lashing, that she was afraid of me after that.


This was the other creep I was fighting with! This man is the incarnate of evil itself!  He and I went at it for several weeks.  Then I laid into Scott at 7 am.  And he died the next day!   It took me a long time to recover from that!

Projectile Vomit Chick

And here we have “Projectile Vomit Chick”, the perfect name to make you sick!  None of these chicks were friendly at all.  I just said “Hi” to her, and she said” “Go Away!”

Angry Woman

And here we have “Angry Woman.” She lived up to her name too… Enough of this! It’s a heavy thing to have to carry around with you (some25 years now), so I needed it off my chest is all… I’m Ranting!  That’s why I put this in “Insights and Object Lessons.”  It’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

All bad vibes aside though, you can use these or make your own compositions very easily…  You should have plenty of Characters to work with from the ‘Extracts” Blog.  Each one of these takes less than 5 minutes to compose!  Try making a few up and blogging them on your own.  I certainly won’t mind at all!  In fact, I’m routing for you!  I know you can do it!

Anyway, avoid News Groups at all costs!  Just a bad, bad place to be!  They hand out viruses there like popcorn…  Just trying to protect you as best I can.  Ask around about News Groups, if you don’t believe me.  Be prepared for an ear full!  Sometimes, you can get into trouble, and find that there’s no way out…  That aside,  here you go:  Artistic Compositions…



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