Old School Blogging vs New

_MG_1994I used to blog a lot 20 years ago, on Live Spaces. I was there for about 4 years.  I attracted a little crowd, and I was happy with that.  Listen. I greatly appreciate some of you offering to me to go to a place where I can direct 1000 people to my Blog for free!  I don’t reguard you as spamers because I know you’re only trying to help what looks like somebody struggling along with good content and now viewers!  I understand all that.  And thank you very much for your concerns!  I mean that!

You know, it used to be, you could come onto the Internet, and there would be “no” sales pitches!  There would be no Hackers, or viruses, or malware.  That’s all changed now, and the results are not exactly superlative to me, for a few important reasons.

My way, I gain veiwers by honestly checking each one out, reading their blogs or talking to them especially.  They deserve to have comments too, for their efforts!  I know…  That could take me six months or a year!  Or longer…  I have however come to a valuable contusion about what’s wrong with this scenario.

Do you really think it wise to invite 1000 complete strangers to my blog?  Do you have any idea what confusion that would cause first off?  Secondly, it’s like a flea market thing; most are there just to look.  I would be wasting my time answering silly questions all day when I could be working on new projects.  Also, these people don’t know you!  You don’t know them!  Out of all those people, there’s bound to be a Hacker who doesn’t like you.  Competing sites will opt to send me a virus and shut me down!

My process may be slow and somewhat tedious, but I’ll make “real” friends; people I can trust, people I’m pleased to share with, and sell my product to.  A product I’ve put great effort and care into!  Sorry, some people are creepy, and I don’t want to encourage them as productive members of society, when they’ll just use that as a mask to trouble you somehow. Or just to get what they want out of you, and toss you aside like an old rag.

At least I’ll know I’ve made friends in the process, and not just quietly sit back and watch my money numbers rise.  Money isn’t everything.  Sometimes a person needs to attain things through good, honest effort on their own part, to show charactor and perhaps even develope some.  So you see?  My way, I’m actually getting something much more valuable than barrels full of cash…  Friends!  That’s my take on it.  Do whatever suits you though.  However, Facebook and Twitter are loaded with potential customers.  You just have to get to know then that’s all.  Is that so bad?

I think people just jump at this stuff without thinking it through, because they’re taught to live a fast paced life-style, and conditioned to make decisions upon what lies on the surface of things, by Bosses who couldn’t care less if you learned the truth of things or not.  In fact, they’d prefer to keep it hidden from you.  Take the path less traveled!  That’s where all the knowledge and adventure lies! I’ve never seen any good come of easy money, and don’t expect this time to be any different.  I’d be very interested to here how others feel about this!



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