How would you like to present a header like the one above?  It may just be a lot easier to do than you think.  Almost anything can be accomplished if you use templates!

A template is just a layout of flat objects you give body or color to, one piece at a time…  You can do it all on one background and use it as a jpg file, like here. 

Or you can put each peace on a separate layer so that they’re all interchangeable with something else you’re making at the same time. 

“Layers?  Oh no!  What will I do?”  Relax…  It’s as simple as selecting one flat color with the magic wand and promoting it to a layer of it’s own.  You’ll find it in the layers menu or as a shortcut key.  Let’s start off with some simple Header designs…


I know what you’re thinking: [How do I get that logo out of there?]  You go to the website and just thank the creator of these for allowing you to use them.  I’m sure that would give him a boost too…  You can use this as is, or select the logo and  delete it, then delete the background and just use the black part. 

Let your imagination fly and you can turn these into wonderful works of art, useful for your site.  I’d delete the logo, use a color sample tool to select the grey color, fill it back in with grey, and work on it as is…  Here are some others:

header04 header03 header02 header01

I know you’ll find these helpful…  Always load what you’re going to use image-wise to your “Media Library.”  They’ll just be easier to fetch from there, eventually having everything you’ll ever use for your blog in one place so you don’t have to go searching through your drive.  Trust me.  It’s easier. 

So if you just want the black, select the black then choose to invert the selection from your “Select” menu and hit the delete key.  Now it’s easy to color and bevel them, put some text underneath and they’ll look great!


Above, is a simple template I made.   And you wouldn’t think that would help with anything at all now would you?  Well take a look at the picture below it.  They’re just simple pieces of backgrounds beveled.  I beveled the outer ring separately.


Huh? eh? huh? eh? huh?  I made all of the above buttons from using that template.  If you want to use these buttons for yourself, go a half inch or so to the left and the same distance up from the button, then try to select it with your elliptical tool. Keep trying, moving it slightly until you get a perfect selection.  Save your selection. 

When you’re through with the first one, open your selection and with your arrow keys, bump it over to the next template.  Repeat process for each one.


“OK, everybody stay calm!  Mam, I’m going to have to ask you to take your child home!”  Come on now, it’s not that bad!  Really!  Would you like a cold cloth?  LOL!  You’re going to have to learn to work with templates like this if you ever want to make ones like the title picture.  You can make a new video viewer from the above template. 

Here’s just a sample of what you can do.  And it’s so easy…


It’s not exactly the same template used here, but comparing with the above template, I’m sure you’re getting ideas even as I type now.  You must go and make a picture!  You will obey my every command…  Extend your left index finger.  LOL! 

You’d never think how useful these are until you try them.  If you fail, at least you can feel like a big kid again for a while, give it a shot!  You’ll get better at it with each one you make.  Templates anyone?

interface09 interface08 interface07 interface06 interface05 interface12 interface11 interface03 angelbw interface01 interface02

Again, here below is a simple template I made and below that, the result…

Rounded Rectangle Template_2

Rounded Rectangles1

Again, if you have one of those rounded corners selection tools, I know Photoshop does, select each one and save it as a separate file if you prefer; else-wise, you might just promote each one (once selected) to its own layer for easy grabbing later.  I just know you’re going to love working with all of these! 

They’re great to put in your headers or put them on a website and make the center button light up when you mouse-over it, to be whisked off to another page!  That’s about it for today.  I’d like to see what you come up with!  If you do decide to use any of these, could you let me know so I can see how creative you are too?

Cheers: Spartacus2030


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