Walking in a cloud


Are we ready for “The Cloud?”  Do some of us even know what The Cloud is?  Basically it’s different places, such as Sky Drive and Google +. It might be a wise idea for you to do a Google search.  Or better still, look for videos about it on YouTube. I saw one video and it was kind of funny because this guy was supposed to be representing Microsoft and wasn’t doing a very good job of it…

He said the the cloud was like a series of boxes inside the cloud where everyone’s stuff can be pretty much absolutely safe there from viruses, malware and hackers.

Then he out rightly explained that protection for home computers is not so advanced as is for Corporations.  Also, I tried to go into my Documents Folder in Sky Dive, for the first time, and got a message that the folder was unsafe…  So I deleted it.  Please proceed with caution.  That’s all I’m saying; don’t hand your info. out to “anyone” you don’t know.

We’re here to talk about how I just quickly (under 3 minutes), contrived the above presentation and to give you some nifty, little creatures for your sidebar widget, those who’ve selected to have one must include a URL from which the picture was obtained.

I simply searched for cloud pictures in Google, specifying HD ant the height and width of my monitor in pixels.  Then I saved this one because I thought the air balloons floating up to the clouds seemed appropriate to convey the message: “It’s a long drop from the cloud!” It also looks so deceptively innocent.  

Then I went to a cloud explanation site, took a screen shot, opened it up in the “Edit” menu in PaintShop Pro. X4, and chose “Paste as new layer.” And I pasted it on top of the cloud picture that was already set as a background layer.

One note of caution:  You must always make a new blank image to accept the image you intend to paste.  It will automatically set the new blank image to the dimensions of your paste picture…


Above are two stationaries is what they are.  I trust some e-mail clients still support stationaries.  Again, just select the sidebar in your favorite Graphics editing program, reverse the selection, (invert, usually from your edit or selection menu) and hit the delete key. The select the sidebar again, choose save selection as, and store your new sidebar where you know you can find it.

That or save them to your “Image Library” in Word Press for immediate access.  When you have enough of them, choose random display from the widget itself.


This little camera guy is perfect for a photo site.  And next to it is a big nose for all you news hounds!  if you prefer, there are some good extract utilities out there on The Internet that can remove a copy of just the figure itself from the stationary.


WHY IT’S GMAIL MAN!  And look…  There’s a couple of chicks beside him.  LOL!  This should be enough to get you started.  I’ll present more of these some other time.  Enjoy!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  That’s what I’m here for.  Or if you just want to comment on my work, that’s alright too.  Anyway: “Welcome to The Cloud!” we can all share our stuff now.


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